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[18] As the legend says it, at that time the Enchele were at war with other neighboring Illyrian tribes and Cadmus after orders from the Oracle became leader of the people and came to their aid. Explaining to Sina that he was once the King of Fiji and have come to see her beauty but knew that he had no chance due to his age. Māori mythology and Māori traditions are two major categories into which the remote oral history of New Zealand's Māori may be divided. In Polybius the word is written with a voiceless aspirate kh, Enchelanes, while in Mnaseas it was replaced with a voiced ng, Engelanes, the latter being a typical feature of the Ancient Macedonian and northern Paleo-Balkan languages.[13]. [21], Strabo, Geography (ed. He had grown weak and decided to reveal himself. According to E. Hamp a connection with the Albanian ngjalë makes it possible that the name Enchele was derived from the Illyrian term for eels, which may have been anciently related to Greek and simply adjusted to the Greek pronunciation. The oldest known state which can be discussed about from ancient sources is that of the Enchelii. The pool is named after Sina's words to the eel in the legend. According to E. Hamp, a connection with Albanian ngjalë makes it possible that the name Enchele was derived from the Illyrian term for eels, which may have been anciently related to Greek and simply adjusted to the Greek pronunciation. The Eel That Slept is a book which crosses the genres of crime thriller and adventure mystery.

An animal sacred to the Goddess Andraste in particular.
PreꞒ Ꞓ O. S. D. C. P. T. J. K. Pg. Moray eel. This beauty reached the Tui Fiti or the King of Fiji who was older than Sina. On the island of Savai'i in Samoa, one version of the legend tells of a beautiful girl called Sina whose beauty was known across the Pacific. [14] Illyrius, the eponymous ancestor of the whole Illyrian people,[15] had multiple sons (Encheleus, Autarieus, Dardanus, Maedus, Taulas and Perrhaebus) and daughters (Partho, Daortho, Dassaro) from which many Illyrian tribes take their name. cognate to Latin: anguilla. Sina and the Eel is a myth of origins in Samoan mythology, which explains the origins of the first coconut tree. The eel symbolizes adaptability, wisdom, inspiration, and defense. Moray eels, or Muraenidae (/ ˈ m ɒr eɪ, m ə ˈ r eɪ /), are a family of eels whose members are found worldwide. However, when Sina looked into the pool, she saw the eel staring up at her. This creature is always preparing for the future. Animals from Greek mythology. When the husk is removed from a coconut, there are three round marks which appear like the face of the fish with two eyes and a mouth. [20], The Enchele were often at war with the northern Greeks. Ares turned Alectryon into a rooster, which never forgets to announce the arrival of the sun in the morning.

Eel are sometimes used as clan animals in some Native American cultures, however. He took to heart and decided that he shall see to what the fuss was about. During the song "Where You Are," Sina is shown teaching Moana how to harvest coconuts and use the various parts of the coconut tree.

Their neighbors to the west were the Taulantii, to the north the Autariatae, to the north-east the Dardani, to the south-east the Paeones, and to the south the Dexaroi. In Greek mythology, Deucalion was the son of Prometheus, the Greek Titan of fire. The word sina also means 'white' or silver haired (grey haired in age) in the Samoan language. Different versions of the legend are told in different countries in Oceania.

Fox (Madadh-Ruadh, Sionnach): The ability to watch the motivations and movements of others while remaining unobserved yourself. Coconuts. Sina and the Eel is a myth of origins in Samoan mythology, which explains the origins of the first coconut tree. Although it goes unspoken in the film, the credits list Moana's mother as "Sina."

He had then asked Sina to plant its head in the ground. [2], The story is also well known throughout Polynesia including Tonga, Fiji and Māori in New Zealand.[3]. [9][10] During Classical and Hellenistic antiquity the Enchele were more than a historical memory than an contemporary group. ), book 7, chapter 7: "...had established their sway, and Enchelii, who are also called Sesarethii. Butterfly (Dealan-Dé): ... Eel (Eas-Ganu): The eel is mentioned in several Celtic legends. Myth #3: Rubbing Eel Gall On Your Penis Guarantees A Partner's Fidelity. It is also used for making coconut oil, baskets, sennit rope used in traditional Samoan house building, weaving and for the building of small traditional houses or fale. After the victory against the other Illyrians, the Enchele chose Cadmus as their king. They are one of the oldest known peoples of the eastern shore of the Adriatic. Plan ahead so that you have time, resource, and energy stored. As he got to the village pool, he had seen the beauty that is Sina. The pool is open to visitors. [11], The Enchelei are mentioned for the first time by Hecataeus of Miletus in the 6th century BC. Alectryon was a youth, charged by Ares to stand guard outside his door while the god indulged in illicit love with Aphrodite. Bull (Tarbh): A common animal-figure in Celtic mythology, the bull symbolised strength and potency. In the Samoan language the legend is called Sina ma le Tuna. There are approximately 200 species in 15 genera which are almost exclusively marine, but several species are regularly seen in brackish water, and a few are found in fresh water. Native American Eel Mythology Eels do not play a very important role in Native American mythology, featuring most often as a food item. [1], In the Samoan language the legend is called Sina ma le Tuna. Associated with transformation, the receiving of hidden teachings, and intuitive messages.

[19], In southern Illyria organized states were formed earlier than in other areas of this region.

Angry, she cried 'You stare at me, with eyes like a demon!'
Along with the raven, the crow is a symbol of conflict and death - an ill-omen. [7] In ancient sources they sometimes appear as an ethnic group distinct from the Illyrians, but are mostly mentioned as one of the Illyrian tribes. Sina followed the eel's request, and planted its head in the ground.

It can teach you how to read the signs of Nature in everything, how to pass by danger invisibly, how to outwit those who wish you harm, and how to fight when needed. Birds Acanthis ; Alectryon . It is referred in Greek mythology that Cadmus, (a prince from Phoenicia that became king of Thebes, Boeotian and Enchelean hero)[8][16][17] with his wife Harmonia arrived among the Enchele and helped them build many towns on the shores of Lake Ohrid, among them Lychnidus (Ohrid) and Bouthoe (Budva). One of the marks is pierced for drinking the coconut, and hence when Sina takes a drink, she is kissing the eel.

Tuna is the Samoan word for 'eel'.

Temporal range: Late Miocene–Recent.

Their name in Ancient Greek meant "eel-people", from Ancient Greek ἔγχελυς, "eel". Its movements were sometimes used for divination; Boadiccea used a hare this way just before her last battle with the Romans. [8], They were often at war for domination of the region with the ancient Macedonians who settled in the east. A bird noted for wisdom and long life in Celtic stories. Coconut trees on the coast, Falealupo village, Savai'i Island, Samoa. Sometimes the world, seen on a journey, will lead you to a spiritual teacher and guide. Using his Mana(Magic) he transformed himself to an eel and went to the village of which Sina resided. (Samoan: E pupula mai, ou mata o le alelo!). There is also a subclan of the Mohegan Turtle Clan called the Yellow Eel Clan.

[12] Their name in Ancient Greek meant "eel-people", from Ancient Greek ἔγχελυς, "eel". Years and years had passed and the Tui Fiti grew old and with it his magic. In Samoa, the fresh spring pool Mata o le Alelo in the small village of Matavai, Safune, is associated with the legend of Sina[6] and the Eel. Sina is also the name of various female figures in Polynesian mythology. The height of the Enchelean state was from the 8th–7th centuries BC, but the kingdom fell from dominant power around the 6th century BC. Although the crow was ill-omened, it was also considered to be skillful, cunning, single-minded, and a bringer of knowledge.


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