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Duel Links is a game developed by Konami, available to Mobile and PC on Android, iOS and Windows, distributed with Play/App Store & Steam. Try to remember stuff like deck names, latest card obtained of certain rarity or what device you used it on. DUEL LINKS: Platform :iOS / Android / Steam®(PC) *Not compatible with some devices. Register a new account if you don't have it yet and bind it to the account. This page details how to link your Duel Masters Play's Account to Social Media and do a Data Transfer from device to device or simply to play on Andapp. So do we just do nothing for two weeks and let Konami fix it themselves? Go the Data Transfer button on the main screen on PC and sign in with your KONAMI ID to get the same account that is on your phone :) It'll likely reload. card game you know by having players start with just 4000 life points as well as limiting the board to three monster slots and three trap/spell card slots. How do I get it back?” Hey Devin, thanks for the A2A! Then on the device you also want to play it on, when you launch the game, instead of clicking on "Initiate link", click on "Data transfer… We’ll allow that to slide here since the game can be played with your mobile device which is arguably more important. This should ask you to sign in through your Konami ID which will then link your two platforms together. If you go into the game and click on Settings, there's an option for Data Transfer Settings. Sorry, i should clarify i was on chromebook and i clearl did all the steps right, but the account wouldnt finish the process and connect my data (it worked normal, but right after i signed in it just closed out of the konami website like normal then decided to just cancel itself (the process i mean)), A mi se me borro por error a ver si pude KONAMI ayudarme a recuperar mi cuenta, It wont link my data to my konami (worked on phone but all my stff i want to transfer is on pc). You can link your game data to both a KONAMI ID, or Google Play Games. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. You'll make a Konami account and link your Duel Links data to it. One thing about this game is that it features voice acting from the cast of the anime so you’ll be hearing several familiar voices. My old smartphone is damaged and I can't use it anymore... How can I get my duel links account back on my new phone. This game has a minimum information about the step to save the game. It has been a long, long time since there has been a decent Yu-Gi-Oh! Do they send you an email stating it will take 2 weeks, the new version not work in my ipad and update is not available in my country please help me. @hakalo I see a notice that reads "bumped to the homepage by Community♦ 42 mins ago. Voice leading: is it allowed to move from perfect fifth to an augmented fourth? Okay first, open the game on your phone and on the main screen there is a number on the corner: that is your duelist ID. Step 5: Login to DMP from the title screen, once it loads, you should have all your info. To save your account, you can go to the "Data Transfer Settings" from the Gear icon when you are in-game, then choose "Data Transfer with KONAMI ID". Simply log in to your Google Play account when you are in-game, and choose "Data Transfer Setup (Google Play Games)" in the Data Transfer Settings. i got a problem, i download the game in a friend's steam account, now i have my own steam account and i can't use my konami id because is already in an other steam account.it's possibly unlink from that account, so i can use in my steam account? iOS <-> Android)? And clicked "data transfer" before i initiate link and downloading all stuff. "Anthony" (the rep) than responded with, "thank you for your patience." Of course, none of this would be a problem if you’ve been playing on your iOS or Android device when the game came out. They want sticked to their game but instead of achieving that ... New player guide: What packs to buy first? maybe your account got hijacked, try to login to your konami id and check for weird login locations and maybe check if friends of yours have it linked to their steam account as account sharing would cause this as well if none of this helps contact konami support and hope they can solve it. Is there any way that I can share an account across two devices? im sorry. The game has an ever-changing meta that requires players to play often so they don’t get left behind. ", tap the button below for "Data Transfer" and log into your account. If you go into the game and click on Settings, there's an option for Data Transfer Settings. When you first launch the game, before you tap "INITIATE LINK! If you plan on transferring from using Google Play services to iTunes, make sure you use KONAMI ID instead. When Duel Links came out on PC last month, there was an option to move your progress over from mobile. How to do a Data Transfer game on PC then we’d recommend checking out Legacy of the Duelist. Then on the device you also want to play it on, when you launch the game, instead of clicking on "Initiate link", click on "Data transfer" and sign into the Konami account. Sadly, that is not practical to do right now. © Valve Corporation. Turbo Rush ● Sympathy ● Wave Striker. Recently, there were problems associated with making a KONAMI ID, which has now been fixed, but a new method to save your account is now added as well. You will have to re-download all of the data files though. It only takes a minute to sign up. If using a Konami ID doesn't mean that both platforms will be in sync then the PC version is not for me yet. Stage, 0 coins, 40 gems), Your english is pretty horrible, hard to help you. At first it really only meant transfer, so if you wanted to play on 2 devices you had to constantly transfer your saves, but luckily the system has been improved greatly so now it is synced and you only have to do the transfer once. I have problem with transfering my data from the Android Device to the PC on steam. So i got this message too. Creating a Konami ID is the easiest thing you could do. title on PC. What does it mean to "use" any monster cards, 2 times? Online Multiplayer Card Game: Free to Download and play (with in-app purchases) *Screenshots and Illustrations were taken during development. Check out these trailers and read on below for some of the stuff you can get in celebration. This could end up leaving PC players at a disadvantage since the game only recently released on Steam despite being available on mobile for much longer. EDIT2: On phone i have 14th stage, 219171 gold and 735 gems, on pc i have 2nd stage, 0 gold and 40 gems. Does it make any scientific sense that a comet coming to crush Earth would appear "sideways" from a telescope and on the sky (from Earth)? I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. Duel Links. If that does not work load Duel Links, go to settings located in the top right corner then select 'data transfer with Konami ID' then set it up. If you are using KONAMI ID, login or generate first before linking your game data to it. Why is it at the front. [October 2020], Ranked Duels Rewards & Updates [Nov Rewards], Golden Flying Fish: deck recipe [Oct 2020], Ciao ragazzi, come faccio a usare i dati del konami id su pc? I will be very grateful. For players that do not have a KONAMI ID, please obtain one via the "Generate KONAMI ID" button. The latter of the two is a full-priced Yu-Gi-Oh! Im confused... What did you to get them to organise the transfer.i keep recieving the same email stating that they cannot locate my profile. Any chance someone can help me do this? The two versions should end up syncing progress on their own now once you link them together. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Duel Masters PLAY'S Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. How to say "You can't get there from here" in Latin. ", tap the button below for "Data Transfer" and log into your account. ItsMeDrFreeman. Full Patch Notes. Go the Data Transfer button on the main screen on PC and sign in with your KONAMI ID to get the same account that is on your phone :), duelist id are diffrent.. On Phone it's starts with 529 while on pc is 662.. but it still says Transfer Complete, i even have screenshot, Let me try on my computer to see if it happens on my end, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. How to get back a backpack lost on train or airport? Linking Duel Masters Play's Account to Social Media. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Static vs Dynamic Hedging: when is each one used? But It eats my phone battery and makes it to raise temps, so at nights I would like to play it in my PC. I can't transfer it even if game says that my Data has been completed, i dunno what is that hard to understand. Step 4: Choose the social media outlet you chose in Step 1. The former is actually a port of the mobile game Yu-Gi-Oh! :Yu-Gi-Oh! Make sure you have already made a Konami ID. Please, help me. This was asked a year ago. Please follow the instructions below when transferring data from mobile device to mobile device, and between PC and a mobile device. Can I play in PC in the morning then In my Android Phone in the night without tapping the data transfer button each time? Quando provo a fare il trasferimento mi dice che l'id è collegato ad un altro account steam. They can but they don't want. You will need to provide your information as accurately as possible for them to be able to identify that it is yours. With this being a mobile game, there is a microtransaction portion but you could also grind for the in-game currency and get packs with some regularity. Only and only after that install Duel Links again and connect. Most of the mobile games I know don't allow cross-OS link, but I don't know about this particular game. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. I found out there is a chat option to contact Konami. If they are different then you haven't signed in on PC. Duel Links on my iPad and am enjoying playing it on a larger screen. Yu-Gi-Oh! If you set up using a KONAMI ID, simply log in to your registered account that you linked your game data to. Transfer doesn't mean sync, isn't it? If i lost my old phone before success (by break it or whatever) then it will be lost all my progress. KONAMI ID If you set up using a KONAMI ID, simply log in to your registered account that you linked your game data to. I searched for every "Solution" but none of them work, im at this moment i have open up duel links at both devices but on My Phone am at stage 14 and on pc somehow on 2 (im saying somehow because i can't remeber playing this game but instaling it but who knows). After that you should be able to log into your old Duel Links acc next time you download it and make sure you select "Data Transfer Konami ID " when you open the app on your new device How long did take for Konami to help you? How do I choose the restart skill while in the duel. You can now set up a data transfer to back up your account using Google Play Games. If you did everything correctly, your account is now saved so you don't have to worry about losing it if your phone is broken, a data error or if you uninstall the game.


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