dream seeing a hole

If the tombstone was of someone you knew or loved who has died, you may also simply be experiencing a sense of nostalgia for those happy days when you could pay them a real-life visit.

Also see “Rabbit Hole”... My Dream Interpretation. The Dream Books Symbols.

Recovery from illness doubtful. Falling into a hole symbolizes a hazard that was either unforeseen or underestimated. This is the result of current affairs. It points to past experiences and bad memories. It can also mean that the dreamer is “stuck” in a hole or that something is hidden.

To put a hole in one’s shoe in a dream means facing trouble and adversities. Something in your life has been bothering you. Your dream signals your attempts to save a part of yourself from being destroyed. It is representative of your value system and the things you hold sacred. Dreams of gravel represent slippery steps; a sign to walk cautiously and take each step mindfully. To dream of falling into a hole indicates that we are perhaps getting in touch with our unconscious feelings, urges and fears.

Or what is it that you should bury? If you dream that you catch others spying this is a warning to beware of jealous friends who will try to blemish your good name in order to win an advantage over you. The Complete Dream Book, In spiritual terms a black hole has the same connotation as the void or the abyss.... Dream Meanings of Versatile, If you dream about a black hole, it is a warning about getting pulled into undesirable situations by people who have a bad influence on you.

The hidden furrows that wind underground may represent the cliché “I feel like crawling into a hole,” suggesting that embarrassment or guilt causes one to hide from an unpleasant situation or deed.... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia, A wise and profitable sale... Dream Dictionary Unlimited, If you dream of purchasing something at a wholesale price, then you are hunting for a bargain, grappling with what you are willing to pay to get what you need, and considering whether or not it is worth the price. You will establish friendship with seedy and unreliable people. A hole in something means repair is needed; or thought processes are lacking, as a hole in your argument. A keyhole can symbolize our tentative entry into the sublime or transcendent state. Mystic Dream Book.

To dream that you close or fill in the hole indicates that you will be unrivalled, show an increase among many people, persuade a person whom you attach importance to.

To dream of seeing a hole represents feelings about problems you may not like having to think about. Another dream featuring doors is that of being locked out or being unable to enter your home because you have lost your key. To put a hole in one’s shoe in a dream means facing trouble and adversities. Remember that life does not choose one day for full pleasure, and another day for sadness, both can coincide. You must know how to handle it. In a man’s dream, it might indicate a female sex organ and refer to your erotic desires.... Dreamers Dictionary, A hole in the roof of any sacred building, or any hole which allows steam or smoke to escape, is the opening upwards to the celestial world and is the door or gateway to other dimensions.... Dream Meanings of Versatile, To walk round a hole suggests we may need to get round a tricky situation.

Please use our search engine to find the best match for your dream. Self has to propel self back into aliveness; no one else can do it for us. We have learned from the mistakes of others, and you have gone through this school well and learned valuable lessons from it.

Also consider who or what you are shutting out of your life if your dream features a door; perhaps as one dream door closes, another will open…. If you catch others peeping through a keyhole, you will have false friends delving into your private matters to advance themselves over you.

Observing discarded portions of one’s personality. If you dreamed of seeing a rabbit hole in the ground, this symbolizes hidden aspects of your waking activities. I pick up one grain of dirt, and a big hole appears, engulfing some of the neighbor’s paver bricks (he doesn’t have any). Undesirable encounters (crawling into a hole). If you are feeling depressed or helpless in any way, “look inside” and make attempts to increase your self awareness and your spiritual identity.

If you simply can’t find the door to escape through in your dream, then perhaps you feel unable to express yourself in waking life. A hole in a garment forecasts improving luck in financial matters. Unwanted changes in your life are often depicted in dreams as intruders or strangers at the door, and if you are beginning a new relationship and themes of burglary or home invasion appear in your dreams, this does not necessarily mean your partner is dangerous; the dream may be providing an early warning of undercurrents in your relationship that are not nourishing to you. If you see that another people close or fill in the hole in your dream, it refers to people who have the responsibility of your difficult work even undeliberately. A graveyard is also home to all of the dark elements associated with death: ghouls, goblins, vampires, and other creatures of the night. If you see a hole in house, garden, room or indoor, it means that a sign of spiritual leakage in that environment. Consult circle in the shapes / patterns, door, gate and hollow for more information.... Dream Meanings of Versatile. You may be entering into a new stage in your life, moving from one level of consciousness to another. The Element Encyclopedia. A round hole traditionally represents the heavens, a square hole represents the earth.

In some instances, the dark stranger at the door represents an aspect of yourself that is selfcritical and self- destructive.

A particularly decorative buttonhole suggests that more energy needs to be put into ‘fastening down’ a project – it perhaps needs to be more upfront.... Dream Meanings of Versatile, To dream that you are attacked by it, denotes your own sickness. Freud viewed the key as a phallus and saw potent sexual symbolism in the trio of key, door and the door’s subsequent opening. A hole in the roof of any sacred building, or any hole which allows steam or smoke to escape, is the opening upwards to the celestial world and is the door or gateway to other dimensions. The Element Encyclopedia. The dreams you do not write to the most relevant page will get automatically deleted by the system. It can also mean that you feel someone is hiding things from you. Consult circle in the shapes / patterns, door, gate and hollow for more information.... Dream Meanings of Versatile. Dark holes can symbolize the great “unknown”, the entrance to the unconscious, or if there are many negative or frightening feelings associated with this dream, you may be becoming aware of some problematic or troublesome situation in your life.... Tryskelion Dream Interpretation, Difficulty or tricky situation in life; a situation you might fall into’; a place to hide or feel protected in—therefore womblike feelings; an escape route; a way of ‘seeing through’ something; the vagina. Ifone sees a grave digger asking about him in a dream, it means calamities for the person in question, and peace for those who will help bury him. If the holes appear on clothing, maybe you are too worried about your external image. Our vision is somewhat restricted and even in dreams we do not yet have confidence to remain in that state, but must accept the need to remain grounded.... Dream Meanings of Versatile. From a spiritual perspective, a graveyard is not only a place of death but also a place of spiritual regeneration and rebirth. In Rome, money was thrown into a hole in the ground that was a symbol of fertility.

Good luck! An engraver in a dream also represents a worldly person. Even though it might seem scary, something from far away is approaching. A hole in a dream also represents a poor woman who strives to cover others pitfalls, though she cannot veil her own. A hole implies that something is missing. A hole in a garment forecasts improving luck in financial matters. Gravel in this context is simply an indication of small particles. You may be bringing your attention to the fact that there is something missing or in need of repair in your life. If someone close to you has recently died, it may be normal for you to have dreams about graveyards and death. Large amount of something. Keyholes in dreams allow you to view that which is otherwise concealed; if this image appears in your dream, ask yourself whether your privacy is being invaded in some way or whether you are prying into affairs that are no concern of yours. 2- A hole can very often represent the feminine and the emptiness one feels as one moves towards an understanding of the Self. Mystic Dream Book, Sexual symbol. Whether this is a literal hole in an object, a hole that has been dug in the ground, or the metaphorical hole that people describe having in their heart or gut, the basic symbolic meaning behind a hole is that a piece of something has been taken from where it belongs and there is an acute sense of something missing as a result.

The dreams you do not write to the most relevant page will get automatically deleted by the system.

A feeling of emptiness may be invading you and bringing complete sadness. Manholes represent pitfalls and traps that can be plunged into, often without noticing the danger beforehand.

In addition, according to the interpretation of some dream-books, the hole can be seen by those who waste time and energy in reality, or who is burdened by something worth of getting rid of. The Big Dictionary of Dreams, Signal to change the characteristics in oneself that are reflected in the character of the deceased person. ... New American Dream Dictionary. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams, (2) A grave is a hole in which you rejoin the earth from which you came, and where the decaying body acts as a fertilizer for new life. Ifone sees himselfpiercing a hole in a pearl in a dream, it means that he will give a valuable commentary on Qur’anic interpretations. Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation. If you dreamed of catching others peeping through a keyhole, beware of jealous friends who could try to smear your reputation. A hole in a dream is almost always a warning symbol. It can also represent those parts of yourself that you have killed off or have stopped using. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

To dream that you see a newly made grave, you will have to suffer for the wrongdoings of others.


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