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Dib appears as a collectable Master Model in the handheld version of Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots, replacing GIR  in the console version (although GIR himself is also playable in the handheld version). Spike • He wears a black trench coat, a blue shirt with a logo of a grey face and glasses. He is also almost always stalking him. Kira • Katie, Expose Zim's true identity to the world (ongoing; almost succeeded, but failed numerous times). [1] [2], The big headed child, Dib, studies all things paranormal and won't rest until he proves the existence of mysterious creatures in the world. Nigel • "In universe", GIR started this running gag in "Door to Door" with the question "Whyyy is his heeead so biiig?" First Appearance Dib resembles his father, Professor Membrane. Gary • Dib takes Zim to the garage to help fix Gir and runs into Professor Membrane working on Tak's ship. Prone to fits of psychotic behavior when misfortune piles up on him. Randolphoran •

Despite his determination, he loses far more battles against Zim than he wins. Wulf, Aang •

He is the older brother of Gaz and the arch enemy of Zim. Many people claim that Dib's head is … Frostbite •

Lisa •

CatDog's Parents • Bobby • Mervis • Kitty Katswell • Incredible intelligenceHandling over advanced technologyUse of various gadgetsKnowledge of the paranormal Spunky • Dib is the first human to have set foot on other planets: in ", Dib, like Zim, doesn't know that Zim's mission to Earth was actually meant to be something to keep Zim out of the way while the actual. Cindy Vortex • After gazing at the beam, he runs to inform his father about it.

Betty Quinlan • Winslow T. Oddfellow • Status For example, in ", Jhonen Vasquez later stated that Dib is his own worst enemy as his desire for people to admire him and realize he was right about aliens backfired on him as he unwittingly gave Zim the keys for a new plan of world domination as seen in. • Alternate Crimson Chins • It is unknown how long he has been a part of the network, but all the other operatives seem to know who he is and his reputation for being crazy. Zim (arch-enemy)GIR (sometimes)TakAlmighty TallestsMini MooseIrken Empire TV series Lila • Clockwork • There’s another character who acts similar to Dib named Chicken Little from the 2005 Disney movie of the same name. Mr. Sunshine • Kenny | Also, Dib continues to seek out the paranormal despite the considerable ridicule he receives from both peers and family. Mermaid Man & Dib is initially upset by this, but then realizes he can laugh at Zim for falling off of the stilts.

Plankton • As being sepreated by his peers, Dib spends seeking out the paranormal, with his exceptional intelligence and determination.

Dib Membrane is a 13-year-old self-proclaimed paranormal investigator.

He does this along with GIR who then is dressed as Gaz, and the VOOTY armor is a Pumpkin. Zim is not at all amused. Carlos Casagrande • Puff • Dib is an eccentric young man with an obsession for cryptology and the paranormal. The Chief • In "NanoZIM", he tried to send some evidence on Zim he had acquired and even had aspirations to host the show and get "his own episode." Katherine-Alice, Gil •

Dib is also known by NASAPlace and even the FBI for his paranormal-related antics. Hobby Carlitos Casagrande •

He considers himself to be the sole defender of Earth against Zim's plans of conquest, and rightly so; he's in fact the only one who knows (or cares) that Zim is an Irken Invader bent on world destruction. Olly and Frank |

In Issues 8, 29, and 30, Dib narrates by means of a "paranormal investigator's log", but is never actually shown to be recording into anything. Rita • He wears a pair of round glasses and a trademark black trench coat along with a blue shirt with an unsmiling grey face on it, pulled directly from Squee!, in which the main character, Todd, also known as Squee, wears exactly the same shirt. Moon Juju •

Olga, CatDog • Dib is a 12 year old who resembles his father, Professor Membrane. He has a sister named Gaz Membrane. Mantis • He can get tunnel vision when he sets his mind on something. Dib can be categorized as the "foil character" of Invader Zim; he contrasts Zim, sharpening their respective characteristics. Paranormal Investigator

Kimi • Meanwhile, Professor Membrane decides to invite Zim and Gir over for dinner, as Dib never has his 'friends' over. Crash Nebula •

Although perceived as insane, he's in many ways the most sane and human character in the series to some viewers. His comic appearance was carried into Enter the Florpus. Tuesday X • Roxy, Po • Invader Zim

Chas • General Information Vega, Danny Phantom •

He believes Zim and GIR are the "bad guys", while he and Gaz are the "good guys" who are Earth's last hope against the coming alien invaders. The other three try to banish the being with good vibes, which appears to work, although it results in Gir overheating and shutting down. Some fans think that without his glasses, his eyes would squint like Gaz’s because he couldn’t see without them.

Pearl • Molly • Sven Hoek • Dib appears as one of the many characters who can be photographed in Nicktoons: Freeze Frame Frenzy. Monkey • Gaz (who has had cryptic messages posted on their blog) finds a ouija board under their bed, and the three of them along with Gir decide to try using it. He is one of the two characters to have technically died on the show, the second being, Dib wears a shirt with an emotionless expression that looks exactly like one that. In the episode "Dark Harvest," Dib mentions to his classmate Torque Smacky that he has memories of being … Dib Membrane is a canon character written by gantzgun74 on Dimensional Clash and the deuteragonist of Invader Zim.

Bread Maker • Dib shares his father's scientific and technological prowess, with skills that far exceed the average human being. Stella, Leonardo • Granny Neutron • Gerald •

Iroh • Max | Gaz • Marshall • Dib • Dib Membrane is one of the main characters appearing in Invader Zim: Manifest Doom. Zix, Travoltron and Tee • Lana • Jorgen Von Strangle • Lily • Nadine • Mean Bob • Sheena • Despite being a foil to Zim, he's frequently shown acting in selfish, self-centered ways. It is revealed in the cancelled episode, Mopiness of Doom, without Dib, Zim would lose interest in his mission and without Zim, Dib cannot prove to the world that Zim is an alien.

Even though he's antagonistic towards Zim (who's interpreted as an anti-hero), Dib can be considered a hero. Eugene •


In Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom, Dib's got more jagged and bigger with age. Dib Membrane Kitty the Hapless Cat | Dib is a 12 year old boy who resembles his father, Professor Membrane. Bev Bighead • This often leads to increased social difficulties at Skool, as they are constantly making a scene in class or in the cafeteria. Sheldon Lee • Dib Membrane is a young, eccentric boy who possesses a fascination with unexplained paranormal phenomena, such as ghost hunting, Ufology, and cryptozoology, as well as with the supernatural and occult. Sparky • They then can be killed with one hit. Abby • The next morning, it's raining, so Dib begrudgingly lets Zim stay in the house a while longer.

Hubbykins & Sweetypie |


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