david wilcock resigns
This could furthermore be legitimately considered as fraud, because the employer grossly misrepresented the political and spiritual beliefs of the Company to me at the outset and entrapped me into a potentially life-threatening situation. Or do you just not even care at this point? Life after death? Corey was concerned that you would think this movement had something to do with him, or his legal actions. Your legalese-rich personal letter to me from June 29th accuses Corey of attempting to “obstruct disclosure,” while you effectively left my friends for dead. God pretended to be good to enslave us. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He is a fearless giant, with great integrity as was our wonderful John Anthony West and Philip Coppins. Nor do I wish to be involved in trying to fix it. The “mysterious” release of a confidential letter now made sense. LET'S SUPPORT OUR TRUTH SEEKERS AND WHISTLEBLOWERS!!! Glad to see at least one leave. The Ancient Civilizations show went forward on the Gaia network despite my public attestations of the evidence that pedophilia, human sacrifice, cannibalism and Luciferianism are being practiced in elite circles. Both of us will fare far better if my involvement ends before this spreads into a full-blown wildfire. Introductory texts on Ascension, Disclosure, Abundance, and Accountability. I do hope they will send me an officialc “watch list” certificate I can hang on my wall, or replica ray gun …. I believe Corey and Emery are the real deal and their revelations are game-changing. .. I presume “GEM”s” … woopidoo! He hopes that, by separating himself from Gaia, throwing himself into significant financial difficulty thereby, he’ll have addressed any fears his readers and supporters may have about his integrity and position. Stuff to wonderabout. Peace to you everyone. I am already seeing these videos getting tens of thousands of hits. Or, the Company could provide me with versions where the examples of these incidents were already redacted. It was shocking to have his life’s work and legacy buried after this prodigious effort we made. RE: Pete Peterson. 2. This conclusion is absolutely indisputable for anyone who watches the show. My unwilling appearance in a show with this content could actually lead to someone attempting to murder me for religious reasons, just as almost happened at Comet Pizza. I personally caught this person grossly distorting actual events to solicit indignation and support. I've heard the 2 face theory before but not god being the two faced character. These are people who have been so deeply abused and crushed, on the soul level, that they feel no other choice but to cry out in agony. Re: Emery, I have messaged him directly on these points. Very much appreciate your multifaceted approach. Leaving this job was only a last-ditch resort until I saw the scope of damage that my reputation is now suffering. The ongoing promotion of Lucifer on Gaia is also an enormous corporate liability in light of some of the claims GEM is attempting to make. I have never seen a dime of this for any of them, despite being directly responsible for Pete Peterson, Emery Smith and other top insiders risking their lives to provide their testimony on Gaia.


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