daily scrum is not recommended for collocated teams
How to Use the Scrum Framework with Distributed Teams, How to Use the Scrum Framework with Distributed Teams. The Daily Scrum is an important Inspect and Adapt event for a Scrum team, yet the purpose is often ignored and swept under the carpet by a multitude of teams. Yet there are many teams who seek to be Agile but are part of distributed or virtual teams. The Scrum Master role of impediment remover is reduced – particularly when they are working at different times than the team members. A key difference from Twitter is that one can control the scope of communication with a Yammer group. Those closest to the work should make the decisions about how the work is done. Distributed Teams Tend to Plan Separately. In both cases, team performance is low at the beginning, and team performance increases as teams “mature” or work together, bond, and trust each other. Distributed Scrum Teams Create and Rely on Documents. No focus on progress towards the Sprint goal, whatsoever. This is different and one can’t achieve the same benefits as a real daily scrum meeting that a collocated team can have but my distributed team adopted this process without much promotion. In my experience I have come across many teams who do not pay attention to aforementioned detail and use the Daily Scrum to solve problems; find solutions to their queries. Don't burden Scrum Teams! This post should really be called, “Don’t Use Distributed Teams“. Do not use yammer as a platform to challenge or disagree with someone. The room for the Daily Scrum Meeting is the same room where the team completes their work on a daily basis as a collocated team. Yammer helps this to happen in a really low overhead fashion. On the other hand if they understand and are enthusiastic about following people let them go ahead. For some this is a conscious choice – they believe that testers will be more effective if they are in a separate organization than the developers. Provide Time for Cross-Training and Learning. The purpose of the call is to allow teams to quickly introspect and synchronize on emerging priorities, make progress on any burning issues and immediate blockers, and identify any urgent need to engage any stakeholder. In my 9 years of experience with Scrum I have seen teams using the Daily Scrum in all the possible wrong ways; although often than not few patterns keep emerging again and again. The goal is to encourage everyone to work together to accomplish the team goals and to avoid anyone thinking “I got my work done” or that the “test team wasn’t able to finish”. A typical pattern is that an onshore representative will participate in the conversation with the business partners, say in the US, and then will have phone calls with the remote team members to communicate what is needed. Not everyone attends because of the timing. I’ve heard complaints from my UK-based colleagues that they don’t actually have much time to do their job as heir are overloaded with meetings. They do not stop there but go ahead and ask explanation if anything that was discussed is not yet completed. With a co-located team, we have high degrees of transparency. Piyush Rahate Twitter Get People Who are Full Time Assigned to One Team. Co-located teams can use a physical task board for their sprint backlog which increases engagement and provides a big picture view of the sprint goals. Daily Scrum is a key Inspect and Adapt event for the Development team to plan their day work. The maturation process is faster for teams who are co-located, have maximum time overlap, speak the same language, and are from the same organization. Co-Locate the Team and Encourage Face to Face Communication. Distributed Teams Have Few or No Face to Face Communications. Questions may go unanswered overnight; progress on work items may be stopped until a decision or answer arrives from the team. I know one team that was distributed between Chicago and Chennai. Over the past 30 years Scott Schnier has served in a wide variety of roles in the information technology field. Whoever facilitates the introduction of yammer and virtual daily scrums to the team should discourage but not forbid people from “following” other people. When you create a post each day using yammer the words you wrote yesterday are right in front of you. Documentation that is produced as part of the process should be “barely sufficient”. Here are some problems that frequently occur in the daily standup or daily Scrum meeting: They run long (30 minutes plus) because there is so much conversation to be crammed in. The Development Team Members often meet after the Daily Scrum for detailed discussions and re-plan their work. All value, no hassle. In this respect it might actually encourage more leaning and accountability than a verbal comment in a real Scrum meeting where the words one said yesterday are not quite as present the next day. Save Time and Frustration – Stop Estimating Backlog Items in Hours, Fresh Agile Voices – Episode 2 – Raven Cashaw, Two are Better Than One – The Benefits of Paired Agile Coaching. 7. Greater awarness of what each other is doing promotes more sharing and discourages working in silos and the subsequent integration issues. (Twitter, face book, text messages, etc) These kids have very little in the way of financial resources yet they have a better communication infrastructure than I do in my for profit organization with a million dollar project budget! Plus, it is highly inefficient to have a dedicated person whose job it is to digest and spoon feed work to other team members who do the work. There are also a growing set of tools that support collaboration among agile team members. It can be inhibit communication if too many people are present in the group. Yammer has the role of group administrator. 8. Teams often forget that the Daily Scrum has to happen at the same time, same place to reduce complexity and have consistency. Writing down each day what you hope to accomplish with it visible for all encourages faster learning. You’ll begin scheduling defect review meetings that are not included in the Scrum Framework and that further reduce productivity and suck the life out of the team. Handoffs are inevitable when team members are distributed. And this is not one-off chance, but happens on a regular basis. What will I do today that would help the Development Team  to meet the Sprint Goal? What did I do yesterday that helped the Development Team meet the Sprint Goal? 3. So many have made that abrupt shift recently and I hope that for most it has been straightforward as it sounds like yours has been. S.No Questions 1 Which of the following statements are correct 2 3 4 Which one of these is NOT an XP practice? Distributed teams are forced to put these types of artifacts into one or more tools. The term psychological safety was coined by Amy Edmondson, a professor at Harvard’s Business School. Dysfunction 3: The Daily Scrum as a never ending meeting. Or, team members are forced to make assumptions in order to keep things moving. Ron has just started as a Scrum Master for an Agile team Most organizations today underestimate the impact of having team members working on multiple teams. Since we’ve discussed the factors that contribute to high-performing teams, let’s look at the impact of distributed Scrum team members on these factors. We couldn’t do conference calls on a daily basis because we were already doing weekly team meetings, the imposition and personal stress that live daily teleconferences would involve on a daily basis would be too much to for many of the team members. Ideally a group will be self organizing and establish norms that best serve the group. The reason we are assembling a team is to get the best solution at the lowest cost. They lead the Daily Scrum by asking each Development Team member the three questions. Avoid the use of onshore and offshore representatives at all costs. Chickens (people who monitor the project) may be part of the yammer group but should just read messages and follow up off line. However with a yammer group, a Scrum Master or some team member can invite and further control who can participate and view messages that are posted to the group. 4. © VITALITY CHICAGO INC.332 S Michigan Ave, Lower Ste V163Chicago IL 60604support@VitalityChicago.com(312) 767-7691. Teams that cross-train and learn from each other reduce or eliminate these bottlenecks. Since 2008, I’ve had the opportunity to train and coach over 100 Scrum teams to use the Scrum framework. One of the members of the group leads by making their own postings and monitoring what is going on just as a Scrum Master would do in a normal live meeting. They insist it is the most cost-effective way of getting things done. Jira, VersionOne and TFS are all great tools, but they are not magical. Remember the Agile Value, Individuals and Interactions OVER Process and tools. I am glad to hear that you are having a positive experience with your team transitioning to working remotely. The Scrum master should personally discuss with the executive the pros and cons with the executive. It is internal to the Development team but a Scrum Master needs to be vigilant to find the anti-patterns and help the development team overcome them. Dysfunction 5: Changing the schedule of Daily Scrum often. Distributed Teams Are More Likely to Specialize. In my 9 years of experience with Scrum I have seen teams using the Daily Scrum in all the possible wrong ways; although often than not few patterns keep emerging again and again.


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