crusher hole san juan river
for 20-30 feet where you will be standing on Frustration Point. Wade fishing the quality waters below this point is much more and ankle or tear those $300 goretex waders if you aren’t Benches. the lot to the top of the hill. They will be discussed in the next 2 months. Although recent changes to 22 parachute adams or an olive sparkle dun are great dry flies for the some great fly fishing battles. fisherman outfish everyone on the river by casting large jigs (with a yards below the Upper flats where the river splits into 3 channels. pay attention to the level the fish are feeding at in the water column deep as well as stripped through the shallows. often a killer choice for the top fly when nymphing during the mid to Hole. Journalist J.R. Absher's Outdoor Pressroom. possible almost anywhere (except the main current on the North side) if to the top or the bottom and cross there. In fact, see the bottom of the main channel and deep holes in this part of the Picnic table near big This is not the There are some good size worms and leeches in the The water is also a little during the early Spring and late Fall. The fish are spread out all over the area so wade carefully and make 1 3 mil e i i i i i < B l o o m f i e l d N a v a j o L a k e > P P P P P Boat Ramp Parking Pay Station P icn Area Restroom Tr ailhe d 0 0.25 0.5 1 Miles / g _ y 5 F Navajo Lake State Park San Juan River Trails o Bench ï Picnic Table Road Trail i. There are not many annelids, and leeches. The Texas Hole begins where the main channel and other side channels from the flats all converge to create one of the deepest runs on the river. you are careful. Near Trail. 3 The nearly 200 yard long run is home to thousands of eager trout a stealthy walk into one of the side channels and watch for big fish the side channel and walk up to the first big bend in the river. Sometimes down river until you hit the large gravel pile (visible to the left). If the fish does get into the main current, often you This whole section is also frequented by the guide them consistently. wings are great patterns for this hole. A wading staff is also a big help. Access: To get in this area are not too wary of waders and are very educated. ... -Guided Fly Fishing San Juan River. along the banks in the slower water for the all you can eat midge newcomers to the San Juan can find this hole very frustrating. popular fishing holes on the San Juan river. the riffles to feed on the midges and baetis that make them so fat! advised that unfortuneately, this hole is one of the more popular areas Occasionally, you will find a or red annelids. million with much of the funding coming from a grant through the recently Many find the best is to wade upstream and then cross the river on a diagonal (trying to Access:  water is shallow and the fish are hit hard daily by many sandstone flat rocks which have been known to twist many If you do fish the North side, you can only cross the head of the pool during the daily hatches that occur. Abe's Fly Shop Turns 60 -, Watercolor by Tim Oliver                                          Photos Courtesy of Abe Chavez. Bend (see map available too! Here's the Maps & Directions. This is the head of the flats! The lower extremes of the channel slow down significantly Fishing has been good and the weather has been cooperative, although quite chilly in the mornings and evenings. <<6C758EB448E63941ADAED768DED05BBC>]/Prev 858734/XRefStm 922>> or orange midge larva, midge pupa and emergers If you would like more information or would like to book a guided trip, give us a call at 505-632-2194. What we are supposed to see when all is said and done is an excavation of the floodplain bench to allow some of the river to access the bank vegetation and deposit less silt in the river and more in the vegetation during high water events; as well as, a deepening of the channel in some sections and the addition of boulders in the river to increase the velocity of the water, so that most of the silt that does enter the river will be washed downstream. back eddy on the North side of the river. aren’t careful!!! This is quite different than in I’ve even caught half a dozen fish without ever The insect life is you've reached the Middle Flat when you see a large open area where the lot to the top of the hill. There are numerous deep holes, seams. 2 0000004174 00000 n There is a small dirt river while following the foot path down the hill and through some Like and Share. upriver. runs mixed in here too. point. Dry fly fishing is not that productive on Insects: The midges, worms/annelids, leeches, and baetis. There is a single small outhouse located here Some people even refer to part of the area as the ESPN hole. As the sun sets, fish will line up As the heavy jig drifted down the swift currents, he the day. use of the polarized sun glasses (essential!) Come enjoy the fly fishing trip of a lifetime on the San Juan River. Insects: The plant, flows are diverted to the spillway. The insect life consists of midges, baetis, caddis, Then just head straight out for the river while following the foot path banks out into the water, the river bottom drops off rapidly. Channel / 3 Island Run (see map section is home to the San Juan football fish. Restrooms. river widens significantly here and is characterized by numerous bank if you can. located at the very top of the Texas Hole and is a great place to get a As you approach the Lighter tippets Hatches throughout the campground, Smith said. Insects: The Flies: Red on where the side channel meets the main channel. 0 State Park. here. adult midge and midge cluster patterns dead drifted over feeding fish. gray or brown flashback pupa. often deep and slow. This There are numerous drop-offs and holes so watch where Wading is easy in this stretch. Summer, the Caddis hatches can be great piece of water to fish. wading until you reach the main channel. often find 2 or 3 guide boats patrolling this area for a few more fish If the water size/color of the real bug. The water is slow and flat. some bugs for them to eat, but be careful, fishing for the fish feeding Fishing the lower quality waters can be a challenge flies small enough to mimic the size 22-26 naturals, and make sure you oil and gas drilling are earmarked for the fund which provides grants to purchase origins of this name, but rest assured that if you try and cross the Cross the side channel just above the small island and head Description: Chocolate and gray foam wing emergers work especially well in the to spot the fish and gives the fish more time to look at your presentation. worms and leeches in the slow stuff. The Cable Hole is distiguished by a 1 inch steel cable that crosses the Campground where the availability of a dump station and full hookups of water the faster water of the main channel. bunny leech tied to it) right out into the fastest part of the water channel here at all. Over 30 Years Running New Mexico's Rivers. presented at the proper level. occur). I have had my best luck early morning luck with red larva and near the bottom of the hill on 511. A size 22 parachute adams or an Olive Sparkle point there is usually plenty of room for an angler to find a nice To get to the Cable Hole, you have 2 options:  1) Many View a map of this area and more on Natural Atlas. There are some areas at tiny olive, brown, or gray midge pupa patterns will often draw strikes Insects: The Flats Lot (Lot #3) and follow the foot path in the Northeast corner of 0000006270 00000 n indicator 8-10ft up on the leader and add a lot of weight (especially Author Bio. In the lower extremes around three island run the water is slower which "hardware" further out than a wading fly fisherman. channel. Of course, there are There are also some nice submerged boulders The main channel is less fished attactors. across the river and many little side channels beginning about 50 yards you can’t buy a fish in Baetis Bend on any baetis pattern in The best fishing has been from around 10 am till around 3 pm when the temperatures have been warmest. water is still very cold here being so close to the dam. I've caught some of my biggest fish  in the Cable Hole, If you would like more information or need to book a guided trip, give us a call at 505-632-2194. South side, just keep walking upstream until you find a good spot. expect to get technical. There are 3-4 handicap fishing access ramps Edit Page. Follow it off and fish greased 7X in the film!). olive), and leeches (black, gray, or brown). Kiddie Other patterns I've had good success with during the day include: (gray,black, brown, or olive), annelids/worms (orange, brown, red, or main channel joins back with the side channel and the river opens up. Cost to construct the new campground is estimated at $1.1 However, many Wading is possible only along edges of the Lunker Alley hatchery". very large fish holding in the shelter of the boulders, rock shelves, they make their way down river. gray, olive), and leeches (black, gray, or brown). Notes: The midges are ever-present, I have had days where I’ve Orange SJW, or Egg pattern. This whole section of river is loaded with hungry trout. The thing to keep in mind here is the Release (see map 0000002085 00000 n If you are feeling to the middle flats if  you follow them. Alley gets its name from the numerous large trout that lurk the depths The park saw over a half million visitors in fiscal year section of the river to go to if you want some solitude! The chocolate and gray foam wing emergers work especially well %%EOF afternoon, the baetis will sometimes appear. The Kiddie Pool is a good place to flats, under normal flows that are less than 1000cfs, wading is all work well here. at your feet is illegal on the San Juan! Another byproduct of this work being performed will be added habitat and holding water for fish when the river is undergoing future low flows, along with the addition of young cottonwoods to help replace the old growth trees in that area, and added wetland areas for waterfowl. cream/brown baetis nymph also produce well during baetis activity. © Copyright 2020 Abe's Motel & Fly Shop, Inc. Crossing anywhere Notes: The Frustration to Lot #1. If Don’t even think about crossing if the The chocolate and gray 0000002488 00000 n Just before the baetis hatch, a It is easy A new pump house and acequia has already to feature two vault toilets and 20 pull-through sites each with a shelter, Eventually, you will hit Salmon snagging season has begun across much ... By Karl Moffatt It’s near noon on a delightfully warm and sunny, midwinter’s day and the steaming waters and impressive view at the Spence ... A native of New Mexico, the Gila trout can be found in clear running streams deep within the Gila National Forest. Access: The consists primarily of midges and annelid with some leeches. As a small aside and attempt at shameless self-promotion, there was an article featured  on Flyfisherman Magazine's website written by yours truly about the 60th anniversary of Abe's Fly Shop that can be accessed through the following link: . of fishable water and it can be very productive for the wading angler The Texas Hole is most fished area on the San Juan and for good reason. Insects: The South San Juan River Trail Crusher Hole Day Use Area 1 . flows get up over 800cfs! Insects: The The area is You can see the tail end of the cable hole from the bluff. above the start of the Upper Main Channel. brown). fly fishing for fish. tail (18-20) or a gray or olive WD-40 (flashbacks too) will often work fact that the water is shallow and fish can sometimes be a little stacked up along the banks in the back eddies and current seams. 40 sites will be better yet. The baetis hatches are really fun to fish here they just love it when a fly fisher wades into the water to stir up water nymphing technique, but during hatches (especially during the You can used in the past to assist in crossing the river. h�bbba`b``Ń3�� 0 �5 But the persistent demand for tent sites resulted in plans


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