clayelle dalferes accent

Her voice has a breathy fatness that unnerves me. A baseball aficionado and amateur playwright, Dalferes lives in New York City and is frequently mistaken for Greta Garbo. It's too bad because I really love Planet Money. She can make even the most boring person interesting, and she has a way of bringing out a new side of celebrities.%0D %0D.

[all posts by racist shit-stain # 6 removed.]. Seriously, I have no idea what this woman looks like, but she should be the next Catwoman. For no reason in particular, I picture her looking like the delightful star of stage and television, Miss Arlene Francis. it's crazy. She makes me happy. It's difficult to listen to any of them for more than 5 minutes at a time. Terri Gross doesn't have an annoying speaking voice but her interviewing technique can be awful. She can be reading the most neutral info and it comes across in such a somber/morose way to me. I want to like her, i really do. Now that she's in South America, she totally changed her style.

There's not an "R" in any woRRRRRRd that she doesn't slam, bRRRRRRRoaden, and emphasize. Annoying beyond reason. I nominate Ellen Rocco from NCPR as the worst evah. Uhhh, Michael Murray, John Hurt isn't on NPR, is he? She did go to their Cambridge Abroad program though, and she just doesn't want you to forget that. every single site you visit? Wasn't Meryl having an affair while she was taking care of John? MEE-shell Norris asks the most inane questions but her voice isn't all that bad. Impossible to listen to! Horrible. His name sounds like something that appeared in the bottom of a bowl of alphabet soup. . The editor doesn't even know you wrote that word.

What's really stupid about it, is that people get branded as a bigot. I think Diane Rehm had some kind of throat cancer, which makes me feel even more horrible, but she sounds like she gargles broken glass in the morning. Believes in gay marriage. Does anyone still listen to NPR?? Said she was bright and always smiling. I dare anyone to say a word against Leonard Lopate! Sylvia tries to do it -- almost sounds like she goes out of her way to -- and it drives me up the fucking wall. Oh yeah - and Zowie Chase! Why would anyone want Carl Cassell on their voicemail? I guess the moderator is very tolerant unless someone makes a big fuss??? "HA, HA, HA, I understand how funny that is more than anyone!!!!!". He and the others are "infotainment" specialists making the news "fun." The nickname is pure trash, yet everyone turns into Penelope Cruz when introducing a story by LGN. Constantly begins sentences with "Now" or a loud "UM".

She's always prepared with a reply and jumps right in with presenting the facts.


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