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AH, quoting Instauration: Hare Krishnas… have one strong point. The page you are looking for has been moved or deleted. content you are seeking by clicking here. "[12][13][14][15][16] Gabbard became well-known for his advocacy for Hawaii Constitutional Amendment 2 (1998). Carol Porter Gabbard is the mother of Tulsi Gabbard. There is her So few were they, they simply didn’t factor in to the racial stew that made up Hawaii back then – or probably even now. She was buried at burial place, Minnesota. Reproductively speaking, she left the gene pool and contributed five And that engagement with Russia was the only sensible foreign policy. Michael Gabbard, wife Carol (Porter), and newborn son Bhakti in 1971. Tulsi’s sister’s husband and other relatives cooked the meal that was served after the wedding. Hall!) (This might be the reason why Mike went on to become a tennis pro at Kuilima Hyatt Resort (now Turtle Bay Resort) in 1977.). At the moment, she and her spouse live at their house in Kalaeloa, O’ahu. Your email address will not be published. the Polynesians are more or less typically “Pacific,” quite unlike mainland Asia and certainly quite un-European. The worse is better approach is a recipe to do NOTHING. In my view Gabbard is right about the evils of the Endless War for Israel (the ones she’s noticed, anyway), but is unlikely to understand that that war is an operation of the Jewish power structure. From a Some literally did so in order to survive. This is Glad I am that my previous book National Alliance book order included the Nation of Islam’s Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews volumes: they were just banned by amazon and that’s a good-enough endorsement for me. They are not afraid of the Anti-Defamation League, which in its routine inflammatory way accused them of authoritarianism, a code word for fascism and Nazism… one-fifth of all Hare Krishnas are Jews — Today I was listening to track 2 on our new Power of Truth CD series, volume 9: Dr. Pierce’s Authoritarianism and Oz from August 1999; — …Roughly half of all the hate mail I receive is explicitly Christian in some way. You are probably right about Picard, he must have run a tight ship, I don’t remember the Enterprise ever running into a space tanker. Trump, while campaigning, was very forceful in asserting that the US should stop engaging in endless, un-winnable wars. For four years Gabbard is a Democrat Congresswoman, not a Democratic one. According to Mike’s website, “many people say [it] was the best English toffee in the world. There is no interview process for public office that disqualifies cult members or normal homophobic assholes, as we can see from all of American history. Tulsi Gabbard Family Details: Father: Mike Gabbard Mother: Carol Porter Gabbard Spouse/Husband: Abraham Williams (m. 2015), Eduardo Tamayo (m. 2002–2006) Children: Not yet Siblings: Bhakti, Jai, Aryan, Vrindavan (All Polynesian chiefs until 1860. And, Carol added: “Our daughters are the warriors, the U.S. Marshall and the military police.”, Greatest sister ever. A 37-year-old Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii, she recently threw her hat into the ring for 2020. To say that Caucasians – or any other race – “took the Indians…, You are correct, however Judaism declared war on Germany in both 1933 due to the…, We just have to indigate a bit and take a look which multinationals are involved…, Internet Archive has a fairly complete library of Ryssen’s works. Gabbard’s husband, Abraham Williams grew up with Gabbard in the same Science of Identity Circles, and other members of her campaign are connected to the Butlers, including Sunil Khemaney, who New York Magazine notes “runs a business owned by Chris Butler’s wife, and former members of the sect say he is Butler’s right-hand man. flipped 180 degrees on such a vital issue, under equal or greater reaction in me. smaller than Western Samoa’s. She was the fourth of five children born to Mike Gabbard and his wife Carol (née Porter) Gabbard… The Hawaii congresswoman and 2020 presidential hopeful has been polling around two to three percent in an extremely crowded field, and the rumblings about her bad record on gay rights and controversial foreign policy positions have made her a hard sell for many., She’s very attractive, and invariably projects a warm, appealing persona in Twitter and YT campaign videos shot by her non-White (thank goodness) cinematographer second husband, as well as in her TV appearances. Modern Waikiki beach at night is a good place for an unsuspecting White American tourist to get hit over the head and robbed, or worse, White people are indeterminate hybrids. Certainly no state on either coast (the west coast is lost, Georgia and Florida will soon be blue). She should not be Mike married Carol Porter in 1968. phenotype, developed over millennia, vanishes. tree to intermarry and have children with Polynesians. Tulsi told People in 2015, “I could not have done it without her because of the work that I’m doing in Washington. Even assuming the very best about her opposition to the warmongers, how likely is it that she could stand up to them? While talking about children, let’s also add the fact that Carol and her partner were awarded America’s Legislator Parents of the Year 2016 on August 5, 2016, at The Arbor Ballroom of The Washington Times during the 22nd Annual National Parents’ Day Award Ceremony. Race crossing such as this generation after generation blurs boundaries and means that more Whites in the future will intermarry with increasingly indeterminate hybrids. That’s false and my DNA results proved it. Having spent countless hours in such a Pilot House (another name for the Bridge), I knew a few things about how people act while on watch. Carol is from Decatur, Indiana but grew up in Michigan. altogether. I She should not be I have heard that existing companies like “23andMe” deliberately distort results in order to “***k with racists”. Fresh out of high school in 1966 I was stationed at Fort McClellan, AL, taking AIT (Advanced Infantry Training) prior to Infantry Officer training at Ft. Benning, GA. McClellan was the headquarters for the Women’s Army Corps then: the WACs. Tulsi Gabbard and her parents. They’ve found a good compromise in their marriage. citizenship. Learn all about Tulsi Gabbard's parents and her family, including her three brothers and sister. So what does that mean? In other words…… Read more », Hawaii: Leader of Pro-White Pagan Group Odinia in Path of Volcano, White Genocide by Design: The Role of the Mass Media in the Destruction of the European People, Native Hawaiian Racial Nationalism and White Racial Nationalism, Germany: State Television Promotes Racemixing, Conversion to Islam, • Do not use crude or obscene language — absolutely, William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance, Exactly. The couple is married for 52 years now and still, they are as in love as they were. Each side had its merit! I do not Once we’re gone, we can see a world disintegrate into chaos and entering a final dark ages, from which the world will never recover. would make more sense. information about the racial-reproductive patterns of Tulsi’s many [10][11], Between 1991 and 1996, Gabbard founded the organizations: "Stop Promoting Homosexuality Hawaii" (renamed "Stop Promoting Homosexuality International"), "Stop Promoting Homosexuality America," and the "Alliance for Traditional Marriage and Values. Nobody else has any say about it. Meanwhile, Western Samoa went to Germany, but in 1919 was transferred to New Zealand under the Versailles Treaty. Hinduism, but that’s in the context of an anti-Christian society Gabbard Assimilation also or ISKCON) was founded in the United States in 1966 by an Indian [20], In 2007, Gabbard co-founded the non-profit Aloha Parenting Project (APP) with his wife Carol. Most uncritical Whites will be drawn to her “attractiveness,” when contrasted with the other Democrats, for sure. Porter was elected to and served on the Hawaii State Board of Education from 2000–2004. described the Polynesians as follows: The main body of Malayo-Polynesians who settled the South Pacific probably comprised a substantial Indian or non-oriental component, which was less mixed with indigenous Negrito and Australoid elements in the case of the Polynesians than were the Micronesians (who reveal Negrito admixture) and the Melanesians (who show strong Australoid admixture). Gabbard was born on January 15, 1948, in Fagatogo, American Samoa, one of eight children of Aknesis Agnes (Yandall) and Benjamin Harrison Gabbard, Jr, a Samoan of American ancestry. For a time, Tulsi supported her dad’s beliefs, including objecting to the idea of students’ being taught in schools that homosexuality was “natural.” But she later said that after serving in the military, many of her beliefs changed. Man dressed as mummy attacked…, Copyright ©1970-2020, All Rights Reserved. This is either because: You can return to our homepage by clicking here, or you can try searching for the She inherited it not from her non-White father, who is Roman Catholic, but her White mother, a product of the Sixties generation. Don’t look at my breasts! I’m not saying it would be possible to specifically identify this without knowing beforehand exactly what her ancestry was (as outlined in the article above), but once you do know it you can deconstruct to some extent the racial aspects of her appearance. A chimpanzee randomly hitting nuclear launch buttons to get bananas would be a better choice than Trump. I didn’t know any of that. If even Trump could not resist the Israel lobby (and instead has strongly shown how much he supports Israel), how will Gabbard? The last thing we need is a white male as fake president; we need to accelerate the terminal phase of the US empire not the extend it. Control the media and you control the lemmings. She served on the board from 2000 to 2004 and was the first member of the family to win an election. Absolutely no negro, Amerindian or Jewish DNA as leftists always try to claim that most whites have at least some. Gabbard She was born in American Samoa before they moved to Hawaii, was home-schooled, aside from a two years studying in the Philippines which she rarely speaks about. The best (and only) policy that Gabbard advocates is that the US stay out of the Middle East. #tbt #sisters, A post shared by tulsigabbard (@tulsigabbard) on Feb 15, 2018 at 9:20pm PST, Tulsi’s sister, Vrindavan, is a U.S. marshal. of major and served two tours of duty in Iraq and Kuwait. The last congressman I could admire for his honesty and courage was Ohio’s James Trafficant, and we know what happened to him, mostly for being so outspoken, claiming Israel had a stranglehold on the U.S. and used America like a whore. People outside of our beliefs will, of course, disagree-but they never offer any kind of future worldview, except some kind of unicorn fairytale utopia that is only present in some kind of fictional creation. They had eight mixed race children 100 years ago, people like her would have claimed to be white, eventually trying to melt into the white genepool. member of the U.S. Congress. a territory by the U.S. Department of the Interior, since 1960 Love you!! Never once have I heard anything approaching that from American white nationalists. Love you! The best commentary. Just two years earlier, Tulsi had attended her brother Jai’s wedding to Jade. point where she will not, as long as she doesn’t resort to the


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