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(Popper was his professor and personal mentor at the London School of Economics.) New Venture holds particular interest for Capital Research Center because it’s the flagship of Arabella Advisors’ $635 million-a-year “dark money” network, which we uncovered last year. And never miss her column; subscribe to her newsletter by clicking HERE. - The book is a collection of previously published essays and speeches selected by Soros to explain his worldview, along with some unpublished writings and a preface. But 13 states generally allow anybody to collect absentee ballots—with serious consequences. Soros is thoroughly convinced about this. And there’s nothing quiet about it. 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The Brennan Center for Justice, heavily funded by Soros’ Open Society, is spearheading a plan that calls for a “universal vote-by-mail option for all voters,” or more precisely, absentee ballot initiatives. “Soros Aims to Transform the Justice System by Funding DA Races,” Capital Research Center wrote in one headline from December 2019. Copyright © 2020 The Washington Times, LLC. The Daily Signal depends on the support of readers like you. But facts are facts. And the fact that Soros, a social justice warrior who advocates for the same types of prison reform that make up the leftist talking points — you know, that Blacks are targeted by police for arrest, and criminals in America are too harshly treated — the fact he presses these ideas absolutely explains the thuggery in the streets right now. Please enable JavaScript and reload this page. Ballot fraud is hardly unusual. Quiz: Can you guess the code names of these U.S. presidents and their first ladies? Of that, $500 million was in grants to other left-wing activist groups and think tanks, including well-known names such as Planned Parenthood, Center for American Progress, CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington), and Media Matters for America. Ever feel like the only difference between the New York Times and Washington Post is the name? Deep in the bowels of the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill Congress passed in late March was a vote-by-mail timebomb that conservatives will come to regret in the 2020 election. Flowers nailed it. Campaigns for far more voting by mail may sound fairly innocent in the current pandemic. The National Coronavirus Recovery Commission, a project of The Heritage Foundation, assembled America’s top thinkers to figure that out. A Peek into the Mind of George Soros (full series)Philosophy | Strategic GivingCorrecting America’s “Shortcomings” | A Conservative Response. Anyone who has not been living under a rock these past few years would know that Soros has been widely criticized by right-of-center people all around the globe, so it makes sense that he would defend his actions, especially when he openly admits that he is a “selfish man” who delights in recognition. Censored, some might even say. “PAC funded by George Soros pumps nearly $1 million into local races for prosecutor,” the newspaper wrote in June 2019. Podcast: Can Young Adults Learn to Love the Free Market? We do. Does Joe Biden take advice from ‘the smartest guy he knows’? Moreover, voting by mail expands the chain of events involved in casting a ballot and radically expands the opportunities for fraudsters to tamper with the process. He defends his philanthropic activity chiefly by articulating his philosophy on life and politics, largely derived from the works of 20th-century philosopher Karl Popper. 3 Health Care Entrepreneurs Aiding Trump's Coronavirus Response, Future of Work: The Legal Implications of a Remote Workforce | Tara Vasdani, John Spencer Ellis Develops Resources for Location Independent Freelancers – Press Release, New Cryptocurrency Developed from Nils Grossberg’s Vision is Becoming Increasingly Popular, These Are the Richest Actors in the World in 2019 – Jerry Seinfeld, Tippecanoe students, staff support young entrepreneur with down syndrome. Try the Morning Bell and get the day’s most important news and commentary from a team committed to the truth in formats that respect your time…and your intelligence. Capital Research Center, where I work, has studied Soros for years. In 36 states, somebody else can legally deliver voters’ ballots with their permission, usually a family member or attorney. So far, it has made more than 260 recommendations. In 2018 alone, Soros poured $708 million into American politics, according to Capital Research Center president Scott Walter. Popper theorized about political regimes according to a three-part schema: There are “organic societies” that operate based on tradition, “closed societies” that operate based on dogma and modern authoritarianism, and “open societies” that operate based on critical thinking, constantly seeking to make things more democratic and pluralistic, ensuring that the rule of law is ever equal and expanding to protect marginalized groups. >>> What’s the best way for America to reopen and return to business? In 2019, in a case that has not gone to trial, a Republican political operative in North Carolina was indicted on multiple counts of absentee ballot fraud for actions he allegedly took on behalf of congressional candidate Mark Harris. This article was corrected July 13 to say that a political operative for congressional candidate Mark Harris was indicted, not convicted. Social sciences are doubly affected by error: first by seeking to make observations about the very elusive and complex subjects that are human beings and their societies and, second, from the humans who record these observations who are themselves biased and invested in receiving particular results and who are imperfect organisms prone to making simple errors in reading the data correctly. Click to Read More “George Soros wading into the Delco District Attorney race shows problematic influence,” Christine Flowers of The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote in November 2019. The left’s latest gambit is the George Soros-backed vote-by-mail scheme, which promises an election cycle ripe for fraud. 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Author Keeps Score, Problematic Women: Left’s Woke Education and Social Policies Are Scary, White House Official Alyssa Farah Reflects on Key Moments of Trump Presidency, Deep policy understanding from over 100 experts. The fact he furthers these principles absolutely explains the emboldened thugs in the streets right now. Fox News saw a bit of a dust-up this week when Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House, referred on air to the influences of billionaire George Soros on the violence that’s gone forth in the streets of mostly Democrat-controlled communities — only to have his comments shut down.


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