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His first own idol group, his greed, his ambitions, BTS as his weapon to achieve his dreams. “Finally, the ceremony of the ‘Marriage’ would occur the next day, at half day, what occurs next is explained detailledly on the documents I just gave you.”. ð�•£ð�• ð�•¤ð�•–ð�•ª ð�•–ð�•�ð�•šð�•©ð�•šð�•£. “Good evening?” You politely asked her, catching her attention from the documents behind the oak desk. You quickly took your sight from your cellphone, and examined the glass doors. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Sources? Is… is Jungkook there?” “I’m afraid he is busy right now. Namjoon when he was reading the letters got me real good. To actually realized and declaring to whole world that he's indeed used BTS for his greed and ambition rather than playing a God's roles for them just because he has the right of creating this group. Now, after talking with the manager, you would meet him at your usual spot in your favourite cafe, at nearly midnight, the only hour he would be available, due to his new song promotions. “I am truly pleased for your visit, we have been waiting for your answer. Ah, well, the question that I asked was, Who is (currently) the manager(s) of Bts, as it seems like one of the managers got in some kind of trouble(?). “Did you knew that you became the most searched couple in the search engines of the country that day?.”. The doors of the elevator opened, showing you the smiling face of a man in his mid thirties. There's another one who's older than Sejin, too. “Why?” You Gad asked him out of curiosity. Cha Sejin - (BigHit manager) Namjoon’s and Yoongi’s old boss. To actually realized and declaring to whole world that he's indeed used BTS for his greed and ambition rather than playing a God's roles for them just because he has the right after creating this group. The building in front of your looked really imponent and elegant, making you feel intimidated. Is it? At first it left me with mixed feelings but then I realized it was really honest and brave of him admitting that. His intentions are clear. You had thought a lot about the possibility of accepting the offer, it really had more advantages than everything. Then you have Jigaemae, Jimin's personal manager (he told Jimin he won't be his personal manager anymore though xD), Then this manager, Hyunsoo, who performed with Jimin and Kookie. nochu, August 16, 2016 in Celebrity News & Gossip, "Hey guys. A subreddit dedicated to the South Korean boy group 방탄소년단, most commonly known as BTS, Beyond the Scene, or Bangtan Boys. He was really talking about you, saying all those sweet, and honey-dripping things. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Sources? Your thoughts quickly drifted away with anxiety, imagining how would the program would consist in. Right now, you didn’t knew how to feel about the situation. The walls were covered in a shiny marble, that if the design modern design of the building wasn’t enough to make it fancy, this elevated the level of elegance hugely. You were almost ready. Please take a seat while I call him”. Thank you.”. Yoongi and Seokjin are happy to give him hands on proof that they disagree. fc? And ah Sejin hyung.. if you remember their BIL showcase, it was my first time seeing him with BTS. Bc all idol producer is like that. 'BTS World' lets players go back in time and manage BTS' career, but the ARMY quickly learned that band management is hard work. Explaining everything as a spider that had an ant on it’s web. I would never make her cry, like the other time I saw her… she was devastated, it almost broke my heart seeing her like that. I’m afraid that you would be leaving for Busan, as it is the home place of Dawon, so the van would pick you up today, two hours before midnight.” Suddenly, you felt as if your body had freezed entirely, and the anxiety that you had battled, had returned. This manager (Hobeom) has been with them for a long time too! “ The man on the line answered joyfully, as you now recognized his voice as the kind older brother that BTS had as a manager. Artists got ‘Married’ in some sort of way, and started living as a married couple. “How have you been?”, “Well, well, Sejin-oppa. “Ah, Y/N-ah! You knew that lost of your followers were Armys, and if they learned that you had broken up with Jungkook, they would unsubscribe, leaving you with few subscribers. Let's work to always be thankful and humble. I think you can see most of them in the section TV video they did this era. Blood rushes to your face, as you felt your stomach churning with anger. The status of your relationship with Jungkook was really complicated right now, as you didn’t knew if you were still a couple, or exes. I think I would love to propose to you.” He looked straight into your eyes, having a look in his eyes that told you he wasn’t joking anymore, and meant every word, making your heart skip a beat. “Sure. . i'm really thankful. Wanna One is undivided, Wannabond is unbreakable!!! You patted your cheeks trying to make the heat from the blush fade away, it wasn’t everyday that you received compliments like that, a half smile formed in your face. Once you had the fantasy that you could be called and told to participate marrying Jungkook. You sighted, walking towards the desk of the receptionist, hearing the sound of your heels into the tile floor. You were scared that this was a joke, a hidden camera prank of some reality program. Now you felt completely ready and confident for today. As for the manager who got in trouble, are you talking about the one who was fired for 'hitting' Jungkook? “Miss Y/L/N, is everything alright..?” He asked leaning to look into your face, procupied. Booking price. He gestured towards a really comfortable looking conference chair, and you took seat. - they are the 'lost boys' before, and now growing finding their path by their own. He is also Jimin’s mentor in the Busan academy. Please accompany me this way to speak more comfortable.”. If you choose to keep participating on the program, you would solely win things. Either way, thank you always. She was really attractive, and her eyes looked really sincere and warm. Let's keep working hard like now to make that faith grow stronger between us. “Could you just shut up? ‘Dawon really had interest on you.’ You guessed. You were not going to have an opportunity to talk to Jungkook before canceling him.. “Emm.. Manager Sejin has been with BTS since pre-debut until now, and fans love him almost as much as the members do. I hope the future still belong to seven-membered BANGTAN. “My company does not let us participate in ‘We Got Married’”. “And… that means that the production team would pick me up from my apartment tomorrow really early in the morning right?” You asked, cautiously, as you feared that it could possibly affect the meeting that you had arranged after with Jungkook, to speak about all of what had happened, now that both of you had calmed. And if you were dating in real life with Jungkook, it would be sort of uncomfortable to virtually ‘married’ to another man, right?. Quickly, you pressed the third floor button when the elevator had arrived to your call. We've been together since 'Boy in Luv' and I still remember asking what we were eating for lunch, how puzzled and happy you were. Indeed you were really nervous, and was neing showed in the way that your palms sweated frantically. I won't even bother to respect him for that. Both of you had been having a tickled fight on the floor, while giggling uncontrollably. You did had everything you needed, you had a telephone charger, your phone, earbuds, and your vlog camera, which you had grabbed due to an impuse before leaving the house. You hated being tricked on, even more than being betrayed. He clearly busy enough during that hour…. - When Sejin said Bangtan took care of each other, t, hat he dont have to be worried 'freeing' the boys cause they have each other, its. That part really caught all my attention. I guess each member has one manager that follow them around?


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