browning sticky stock fix
If it takes about 8 months then I should get mine back before the coming hunting season. Of course to do the work I suggested above I separated the stock from the barrel. I have the same problem with mine being sticky. I looked on the replacement parts and cost for this stock $750. All quoted repairs declined by the incoming shipping party or gun owner will be assessed a fee of $50.00 to cover the cost of quote/repair evaluation and return shipping. They have a web site that lets you track progress. October 2013 I have 2 Gold 12's, one walnut and 1 with sticky/tacky Duratouch. Well folks, I am happy to report I found a great solution to my Bad Browning experience and it has nothing to do with Browning. Took my Winchester SX2 to browning today which has the dura touch goooing up. It just appeared to be a camo paint job. May 2011 If you are like me, Chris, you are going to be disappointed when you do finally receive your firearm back. They said they did not warranty their guns, and I could just go get the stocks dipped on my on. tutorhelp07 (at) gmail (dot) com. Do NOT send it back to browning. Several applications of oven cleaner helped remove the sticky Duratouch finish with some scrubbing and water. They show it received as of 9/26/17, with an estimated completion date of 3/1/18. Don't forget to insure your guns for shipping. I love my Brownings, just want them made right like I bought them. Since the original Shadowgrass is no longer available they offered to redip in either Duckblind or the new Blades. I have never shot it. Horrible service from horrible company. Seriously I think my kids have some toy guns with nicer stocks, have no Idea where they came up with such a stock as I've never seen an A-bolt or any browing rifle with such a crappy stock. Sure enough they dipped it in Blades and returned it to me in February. Class action anyone? I also decided to not store the BPS in the same safe with guns cleaned with solvent and oiled. Hi David, February 2012 Bought last year and still in box. My concern after reading the thread is it will be replaced with a cheap synthetic as mentioned earlier. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Bowtech Gun Control I am now in the process of contacting browning regarding this common issue. Unload and clear the weapon. Get Started All solid companies. } else { After you took off the Dura-Touch using alcohol, did you then paint over the camo pattern with a clear coat? Use your screwdriver where appropriate to remove the retaining screws that hold the reciever of the weapon to the stock. This process will obviously cost more if that is what you are looking for. She's going to be ugly...but at least I can hold it again. I contacted Browning around September 2014. I have been receiving emails of different responses to The Dura Touch issue that are not appearing here since I made a couple of posts in the past few weeks so I thought I would add an observation that I recently made that may shed some light. The rest of the gun is okay. Thank you in advance. Very little communication though I called couple of times. I have a Browning 10 GA Auto Loader with Dura Touch Mossey Oak finish. Rods Buck It has not been assigned to a gunsmith as of yet. But your not one of the big guys with deep pockets! Apply at least 10 coats of stain. If not, it's an 8 month wait and you pay to ship it back. I purchased a new 10 ga auto 12 years ago. Rifle is 8 years old. Apply several layers of walnut stain to the stock of the weapon. We missed all three UPS delivery attempts so I had to wait over weekend and go pickup at UPS. I had a very sticky fore stock on my Duratouch Camo Winchester SX2 shotgun. Good Luck ! Have the same problem with my Browning BPS with NWTF camo. The Rustoleum clear matt_ finish is the fastest remedy to make the gun usable (& preserve the remaining pattern), Does this void the warranty though? Now it is all sticky and I don't feel comfortable handling it. Tenpoint Guess the right lawyer hasn't seen these. i am having the same sticky problem with the stock on my shotgun.i called browning and was told to send the gun to their service center so they can try and find a gun has never been shot or out of my gun's a gold 3 1/2 with the dura coating camo. Venison Hi Don, the only way to clean the outside of the fun is with warm water. } I sent my BPS Mossy Oak Shadowgrass Blade into Browning in early January. I have been very successful using plain old rubbing alcohol and plenty of either paper towel or cotton pads. At this point after 7 months I'm just glad to have it back. 4 months later my 270 wsm ti mountain returned with beautiful stock. My repair went one step beyond that so I believe Browning will not charge me anything. How much plastic and aluminum is out there now. North Carolina Wildlife They said if they can't match what the barrel & lower metal parts they would do the hole gun over in a newer camo. Deer Harvest Data Watch the edges though as it went through the graphic layer in a couple of spots, but with the Mossy Oak pattern it just looks like part of the pattern, so no harm done. I called browning customer service at 800-322-4626. Glad to see I'm not the only one with this sticky problem! Here is an update for those waiting on their firearms from Browning. Hope this helps. Politics Have a 12 ga. And 10 ga. With the sticky problem. Been duck hunting with my SX2 with the Rust-Oleum matte clear clear coat spray on the sticky duratouch stock. I have a Browning Maxus 12 gauge in mossy oak duck blind. August 2013 I did two coats. I've only shot about 50 rounds through this gun, which I use as a dedicated slug gun mainly for deer. Crossbows Like most long-used rifles, though, even the most cherished rifle often ends up with some aesthetically displeasing dings and scrapes. The A-bolt took about a month and the shotgun took about 2 months. It was starting to peel and was super sticky. Ronnie, Have you received your replacement stock,and forend from Browning? I have a firm that will take it and get my gun fixed. This is really disappointing. Almost like the stickum football players use. They said send it in and they would replace the stock. Unload and clear the weapon. Instead it's become about how cheap we can make it and increase our profits, along with who will write the biggest check. They discontinued the gold line so they pretty much say buy a new Browning or fix the dura-touch problem yourself. Sop part of the paper towel in the alcohol and rub a small patch at a time and when the tacky goop softens wipe with a dry paper towel that you can throw away. hope they have tried to change policy. Had experience with S&W, Ruger, Bell and Carlson,Leupold in past. It also took months. They offered me a wooden stock or a used composite stock and I said no, I paid for a new composite stock and that's what I want. However they did caution that depending upon the camo pattern, they may or may not be able to replace with the exact same pattern. They gave me very good service and it didnt cost me a dime. Techniques Hoyt Browning's Dura Touch Coating - Problems Experienced. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. This should be #600, but #400 will suffice. Thus far coatings are holding. You want something to hand down to your grandkids? Rest assured there will never be another Browning or Winchester in my gun safe. $4 and it's back to new. Rei i just received my new forearm and buttstock from browning,it took about a week to send and receive.i can tell by the feel of the forearm stock that in the future i will have the same is the number to the browning service center 800-322-4626. they will ask you to remove the stocks and send them to them along with the serial # of the firearm.. Ronnie, World Record, @font-face { I talked to Browning this morning and they were helpful and asked me to send it in. The new stock is obviously not duro touch anymore but my shotgun is brand new again and absolutely no sticky stock. Contacted Browning October 1 2019 with serial number, they gave me shipping label. Safety I was told 6 to 8 months!!! Fly Fishing I own a X Bolt carbon fiber Dura touch stock... it began to be sticky and used Goo Gone, two aplications and then baby powder with a towel and work preatty good.... 22-250 syn stock melted 1 year after purchase. I had the Same issue with my Xbolt, after a few years of Breakdown and disassemble the weapon in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Miss.) Take a look around the industry. Does anyone know what they are replacing a bolt stocks with, I sent in a Gold Hunter 3 1/2" and an A-bolt Ti. I was ready to send mine in since I don't think I will get any satisfaction from Winchester on my sticky forearm and stock.


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