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Got the phone call I was heading home I was slangin' dope so a nigga made bond. It's those kinds of things that have been happening, and it's a wake-up call not just for the church, but it's a wake-up call for the world. Blac's life consisted of narcotic sales, street beefs and sentences -- incarceration that is. But I had my kids to live for -- that’s all I’m talk about on that. Gone let me know girl These niggas killed my brother he was dead wrong Blac has a speech flaw that for a long time prevented him from becoming a rapper. Ziggy Marley voted for the first time this year also and documented the process on social media. Drew] just in time. No more long talking from politicians. Blac first went on a two-month-long tour with Gotti and later appeared in famous rapper’s hit song called “Wait For It”. It’s always a celebration when CMG rapper Blac Youngta touches the town. Darryl Robertson Blac Youngsta started putting out mixtapes in 2012 when the first out of three consecutive mixtapes titled “Fast Brick” was released launching Blac’s career. Rest in pea- Rest in peace Runna B I love you to death Not only that but the sisters sang in their first late-night show performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. I rep them three letters C-M-G Blac was so poor growing up he was often hungry and had to work as early as 10 years old, and even at some point stole food and clothes. You know what I'm saying i just wish i would've told craig like it ain't even worth it fuck that shit homie He happily joined the trend of famous rappers posing for selfies holding a stack of money as if it were a phone, so-called “money phones”. I always wanted this, man. He owns a flashy mansion in LA. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee on the 8th of April 1990. Details surrounding his death are still sketchy, but reports suggested that he died from gunshot wounds. I swear to god, Swear to god I ain't gone let no lil nigga play me Samuel was having a rough time; he was depressed and at times even suicidal until his career suddenly took a turn and shifted Samuel’s focus once again to music. Blac Youngsta Wiki Bio. So you see, Blac Youngsta has been through a lot. Blac published several mixtapes (most recently “Fuck Everybody” 2016, and “Illuminati” 2017) and made memorable collaboration with artists like Quavo, Young Thug, and Migos. [For] a nigga to kill him and he ain’t never did shit. "I damn near be crying. In 2018, Younsta posted a video gifting “TD” $40,000 just for being “real”. As a child, Blac Youngsta fantasized about being an actor or a boxer. Naturally, Blac did some rapping before, but it was in jail that he took it seriously and went out determined to succeed. Here's a video of TD and Blac Youngsta taken last year: According to reports, Blac Youngsta and his family have a target on their back, and he is now beefing up security around him in the wake of his brother’s killing. In order to understand Blac's bubbly ebullience, you'd have to digest the suffocating socioeconomic upbringing that hovered over his life before linking with Yo Gotti. He started pulling our songs. And my mother has always told us that, "Don't be up there trying to do that stuff. Ziggy voted by mail this year, but for those of you standing in line today to exercise your right and let your voices be heard, Ziggy curated a special playlist for Tidal's "Hold The Line" campaign. I was stocking drinks, breaking boxes down on the side of the store. As a child when he witnessed his loved-ones knee deep in the struggle, he quickly found his own survival skills to live by any means necessary. And the Lord just gave me that. Blac Youngsta has earned a net worth of $2 million in 2017. I already killed your killer baby brother I be shedding tears in that foreign coupe VIBE hosted an Instagram Live Q&A chat with Karen Clark Sheard and Dorinda Clark-Cole. And I want to make people laugh. It was the year he lost his brother who got shot. When I be rapping some gangsta' shit, I be in the booth with the gun in my hand. Blac Youngsta’s birth name is Samuel Benson. Blac made some viral hits and collected more than 22 million views on YouTube. Illuminati Intro Lyrics: How you doing ladies and gentlemen. We're talking about people that are close to you, that they're not even sick. But that last time, it was over with.". Blac made some viral hits and collected more than 22 million views on YouTube. Blac Youngsta is mourning the death of his brother HeavycampTD. Seen so many real niggas cry Ziggy has continued his father's musical mission as a solo artist and part of the Grammy-winning family group Melody Makers. “I MISS YOU SO MUCH LIL BROTHER I SWEAR TO GOD WHEN YOU DIED I THOUGHT ABOUT KILLING MYSELF NO LIE SOMETIMES I JUST WISH GOD WOULD HAVE TOOK ME AND NOT YOU LIL BROTHER,” he wrote on Facebook at the time. “I went to jail for dope charges, gun charges, lot of sh*t. The longest I did was probably like a year. That’s why I entertain. We’re sending prayers to Blac Youngsta and his family. "Imagine if Martin Luther King Jr, John Lewis, and others thought, 'Voting rights? Recently rumors started to circulate that Blac was gay, which he immediately denied. First thing they would say when no one came to pick up the food, ‘you want to take these leftovers home?' "Even though we have differences we can be better human beings, more united human beings, more loving human beings, equal human beings, just human beings. "I’ve done so much, so I feel the words," says Blac after admitting he waves guns around in the vocal booth. If I’m talking about money -- I got to have money in the booth. Youngsta recently scored a major legal victory when his shooting case involving rival rapper Young Dolph was dismissed after the Charlotte District Attorney’s Office admitted that there is no evidence linking him to the February 2017 shooting. is an affiliate site of Billboard, a subsidiary of Prometheus Global Media, LLC. Ziggy emphasized that he was not voting for a party or a person for an idea. It happened in 2016 after Blac withdrew a large amount of money from his account with the intention to buy a car. “I MISS YOU SO MUCH LIL BROTHER I SWEAR TO GOD WHEN YOU DIED I THOUGHT ABOUT KILLING MYSELF NO LIE SOMETIMES I JUST WISH GOD WOULD HAVE TOOK ME AND NOT YOU LIL BROTHER,” he wrote on Facebook at the time. He succeeded in the rap business despite having a speech flaw. The lifestyle, the streets, the bitches, the drug dealing, the shootouts, gangbanging and shit you know I had to stop that shit you know. CMG's Blac Youngsta has a serious discussion with, (L-R) Dorinda Clark-Cole, Elbernita "Twinkie" Clark-Terrell, Jacky Clark-Chisholm, and Karen Clark Sheard of The Clark Sisters. Who cares? God will use them to let you know that you're covered by way of even prayer.


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