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One will eventually kill the other. Once the enemies are dead and looted, approach the pawn shop to see that the door are chained shut. Effect: You equip active Gene Tonics in Gene Tonic Slots. As for Grace herself, you have a choice to make. Research Level 2: 50% increased melee damage towards all enemies, Research Level 3: Increased damage against Brute Splicers, Research Level 4: “Armored Shell 2” Gene Tonic. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with BioShock Remastered. As soon as you enter Skid Row, you'll see a Rosie being assailed. It's in the bottom-right cubby of a cabinet next to the Fishery exit. If you die, they'll just return after a bit to resume attacking you. Look to your left to see a hole in the wall leading to another apartment. Grace will see you and put the Override Key on a dresser. Collect them with Telekinesis, then continue onward. Once you're done setting Trap Rivets, switch to your Machine Gun. Upon entering the actual hotel, you'll be ambushed by several Splicers. Once they're dead and looted, look to the left of the air vent to see a Corpse, a lootable Briefcase, some .50 Caliber Rounds, and a Vita-Chamber. Grab the Rivets, then hit the glowing Security Override Switch to unlock the door. Use both Plasmid and weapon to kill it. Once you pick up the Shotgun, you'll be rushed by a mob of Splicers. Walk over to Fontaine Clinics and look below the Keypad to see a glowing Audio Diary. Continue along the main path until you see an exhibit featuring some scientists. There's also a Corpse and an Audio Diary. As the game warns, you can't backtrack to previous levels. For most of this level, I'll tell you where these things are in the current quadrant. This will stagger the Big Sister for a tiny bit. If you dont want to collect the reels or some got deleted after a crash you can unlock them this way: (credit goes to Samum). Hack all three machines. During the ADAM-gathering process, you'll see a progress bar on the left side of the screen. For now, purchase the “Incinerate!” Plasmid and nothing else. Researching enemies yield bonuses such as increased damage against that enemy, or even certain Gene Tonics. When low on Health, Big Sisters will run towards a wandering Splicer, impale them with their ADAM syringe and drain their Health. The halls to your right lead to a Health Station. A maximum of eighteen Gene Tonic Slots are available. Look on the dresser for a First Aid Kit. Location: For purchase from various Gatherer's Gardens for 40 ADAM each. Location: Received for completing Research Level 4 for Brute Splicers. Loot the Cash Register. To the right of the oil slick is a Splicer hiding among the mannequins. Near them are some .50 Caliber Rounds. Eventually, you'll encounter a far-away Leadhead Splicer shooting at Tommy Gun bullets at you. It was the scientists and surgeons of Ryan Industries whom bonded you with young Eleanor. Sinclair will radio you afterwards to tell you that the Plasmid costs more than 40 ADAM. Notes: I like this Gene Tonic since you're usually hacking hostile machines that are shooting at you. Upgrade the damage output of your Machine Gun. Hit it, then descend the nearby flights of stairs, killing the Leadhead Splicer along the way. Once the Turret is hacked, advance further into the room to see an ADAM Corpse next to an Audio Diary. Enter this building. The Research Camera detects various types of attacks during a battle and will increase the score if different ones are used in combination. These fireballs can be returned via Telekinesis. All rights reserved. Hack the El Ammo Bandito and the Health Station. The bedroom contains an EVE Hypo and a lootable Corpse. ", Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Inspect it. Kill them on camera. Go back to the pawn shop's front to see a Thuggish Splicer beyond the locked doors. Effect: Permanently increases your maximum EVE capacity. Near the desk is a Machine Gun and some .50 Caliber Rounds. The reel is located on the bed. The top-right quadrant features The Sinclair Deluxe. Underneath the left staircase is a Remote Hack Dart and some .50 Caliber Rounds. Hacked Health Stations will kill them. In the next two rooms, you'll find a Machine Gun, a Big Daddy corpse, some Rivets, an EVE Hypo, and, inside the Refrigerator, a First Aid Kit. This indirectly reduces how often you'll need to use First Aid Kits. Next to the Turret is a box of .50 Caliber Rounds and a lootable Storage Crate. Face the ice, then use Incinerate! Notes: Unless you keep messing up while hacking, don't equip this. As things currently stand, your best approach towards killing this Big Sister is to open with the “Incinerate!” Plasmid, then start alternating between Electro Bolt and Heavy Rivets. Now, head up the stairs near the Vita-Chamber and El Ammo Bandito. Blow your remaining ADAM on the Gene Tonic Slot and the “Armored Shell” Gene Tonic. You'll need to set up Trap Rivets along the walls. Loot the room, then follow the Quest Arrow all the way to Skid Row, the bottom-right quadrant of the map. Aim at it, then use Incinerate! Effect: Increases the duration for which enemies are frozen and gives the Drill a chance to freeze the enemy upon impact. This gradually recharges the Big Sister's Health, but leaves her vulnerable. As the distance between the shotgun and the target increases, the eight bullets travel further apart from each other. At the end of the path is a balcony containing some Anti-Personnel Rounds. Follow the Quest Arrow into another watery area. The reel is located on the bed. Once you're ready, start filming the Brute Splicer. (This one took me FOREVER to find) This reel is located in the Little Wonders area (where you collect the scent pheraneums). Notes: As the game progresses, blue zones become very small. Gathering here should be easy thanks to the two Security Devices. Curiously, both Big Sisters and Big Daddies have an oxygen tank on their backs. Carefully walk over to the middle part to see a lootable Storage Crate, some .50 Caliber Rounds, and an Audio Diary. Big Sister corpses always contain 40 ADAM, many Dollars, and either a First Aid Kit or an EVE Hypo. Hack it from afar, then enter the room. In the room after that, there are a few Splicers. The next chapter of the Developer Commentaries can be found in the Bomb Construction chamber in the Hephaestus Core. To summarize the entire situation, here are a few key facts: Years ago, Andrew Ryan saw Sofia Lamb as a threat to Rapture. Head along the catwalk near the Health Station until you enter The Hamilton Building. When Grace tried to hold young Eleanor, you attacked her and broke her jaw. At the end of the hallway is a room containing a “Power to the People” station. Effect: Drinking alcohol restores a small amount of EVE, rather than draining it. Turn around and use your new “Incinerate!” Plasmid on the oil slick in front of you. Walk up the slope a bit, then quickly retreat to avoid the exploding bathysphere that a Splicer rolls towards you. The main difference between the two approaches is that “Rescuing” tends to spread the ADAM distribution somewhat thin until the second Little Sister Gift shows up while “Harvesting” gives a steady flow of ADAM across the entire game. Back in the halls, look nearby to see a shrine being guarded by a Security Camera. Record the event with your camera, then kill the Rosie. Attacking her while she is draining a Splicer will cause her to drop her victim. Effect: You emit a burst of fire when struck with melee attacks. Effect: First Aid Kits also give a small amount of EVE. Lamb will then radio you, then summon an ambush of Splicers to attack you. Loot the bodies, then proceed into the actual “Hall of the Future” exhibit. Next, pull out your camera and approach the room to the left of the puddle.


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