best colors for southeast facing rooms
The cream and the beige are stronger than the gray, and this comes a bit more into play in a south-facing room, without making things overheat. We have been looking at light blue green colors that look washed, Your email address will not be published. If not, is there a SW greige or white that works in that light? Here are a few of the best paint colors for north-facing rooms that you might consider using. Overall, southern light is warm and yellow toned, yet it can wash colours out when the sun is at its peak. That being said, I would think it comparison to how a colour looks when wet, you’d be closer to 40% lighter. Do you have any suggestions for a white or warmer white color that could go with BM Tyler Gray without going too yellow in a south facing room? It’s also great as a feature or accent wall. Southwest- and northeast-facing rooms accentuate the earth element. – I haven’t heard you mention this color, not a fav? If you opt for a feng shui pallet, it means you'll be using the colors associated with each direction. Blue is a fluid color associated with the water element and can offer feelings of healing and safety. Hiding inside are muddy purple and green undertones which stop this colour from feeling flat, heavy and boring – but they ALSO make it a bit unpredictable! Affordable and creative ideas that suit you AND your home with todays best paint colors! I’m having a problem choosing the right beige for my very bright living room. Hi Virginia! Hi! Keep in mind, if the room doesn’t have much light at all (exterior or interior), you might want to read this blog post on dark rooms. Thank you Kylie for your great insight, so thankful to have stumbled on your website. Woodlawn Blue is a cool colour with its blend of blue and green (much more blue than green) with a slightly gray base to calm it down. That means twice the cooling effect and a double dose of elegance and style. It makes an excellent neutral for north-facing rooms, giving the appearance of cream without the potential for dingy gray notes. Light cool colours add vitality and energy to a space that can sometimes feel a bit heavy with heat. Please help us improve. Winter Solstice and Silver Lake look like dirty mid-tone gray greens. Hey Susan, thank you for asking! I was thinking stonington or gray owl before I saw your blog! You’ll find that lightening a colour by 25% doesn’t drastically ‘change’ it, but rather it just tweaks it. Balanced rooms will be calming and pleasant to spend time no matter how much sunlight is coming in the windows. For an east room, use wood furniture as much as possible and add several house plants. See the blog post HERE. Your blog and videos are so helpful! Suppose you’re faced with western exposure and looking for just the right color to play with the sun’s hot rays, consider one of these four options. Light blue: This color helps to tamp down waste water energy. ~Kylie. For well-lighted northern rooms, choose more neutral shades, like Magnolia Blossom or Cookie Dough. I’ve painted my daughter’s room Breathe of Fresh Air – loved it! Red and purple: The range of color also gives a wide choice of yang colors for higher energy decor. Your website is so very helpful especially since you focus on Benjamin Moore paints which is what my builder uses. Read more: Paint Colour Review: Benjamin Moore Ballet White. For east-facing rooms, which get bright, cool morning light, consider colors that are clear and sunny and made to work in both morning bright and evening dim. If the color enhances and enlivens your room, then it's a good choice. Looking for paint selections for our combined Living/dining room with a large east facing window, this room connects into a great room which has a combined kitchen(south)/nook(south)/family(east) room. Affordable and creative ideas that suit you AND your home with todays best paint colors! In rooms exposed to natural light, the position of the sun will change how colors appear. This blend makes it flexible and slightly susceptible to change throughout the daylight hours. Eastern Facing You will want the yin energy colors to remain dominate for the most restive effect. Want to learn about more glorious green paint colours? Any hue of the following colors will give you a cozy warm ambiance of the fire element. I built my own 10 person farmhouse table and bench and thought a little color on the kitchen walls would look nicer than the plain white. White: This metal color attracts water and is often used in laundry rooms. I have seen other websites that focus on paint but they throw in all different paint manufacturers making it necessary to match colors, etc. BM Edgecomb Grey? Picking colors for north-facing rooms doesn’t have to be tough. In our south facing front room with golden oak/red wood floors I can’t seem to find a color that doesn’t turn either orange or pink or blue! Cream: This natural neutral color generates calming and auspicious energy. How to Change the Size of Your Room With Paint, 6 Paint Colors For Your Video Conference Background. I love all your tips on choosing paint colors. Required fields are marked *. I am thinking about painting my kitchen, which is currently white, Palladian Blue (or Sea Salt) and the attached family room, that doesn’t have very good lighting Coventry Gray (or Stonington Gray). If you want to do sample pots before committing it’s more affordable to take the BM colour chip to Home Depot, ask them to colour match and it make a sample that is lightened (super easy for them to do and about 98% accurate). With all the windows and natural light I don’t want it to get washed out with a light color. It’s essential to look at your colors during different parts of the day. The direction that your room faces should also be taken into consideration, especially if you have lots of windows that let in beautiful natural light. Do you want to know YOUR 3 best paint colours? When choosing colors for these spaces, avoid those with gray, blue, green, or lavender undertones, including stark white. It’s a mix of beige, gray (so greige) and a strong creamy base. First I settled on Revere Pewter but it looks so flat and not at all like the photos of the lovely light rooms wearing it. The room has lots of soft white trim and the floor is a gray/blue tile. Put one near a window, and another away from it to visualize how the hue will change over time. Now I haven’t personally lightened Wythe Blue, but I have lightened MANY other colours. To compensate for this, what colour scheme would be right? Mountain Air will give a light, fresh look, but won’t wash-out too much. Choosing warm accessories, like these colorful pink pillows, will help the room stay balanced, color-wise, all day long. However, it WILL wash-out in a WELL-lit south-facing room. Order some free samples from to find the right color for you or get a quote from Paintzen. It’s affordable and fun if you’d like to check it out. Why is this so hard? Gray Owl is a lovely soft gray that leans to the cool side with its subtle green undertone and also loves to flash into gray-blue. Ready to find the paint color for your workspace that will bring you productivity and prosperity? Choose feng shui colors that enhance compass elements, such as feng shui southeast colors or feng shui west colors.


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