barcelona pride 2021

Barcelona Pride will next take place from 19–26 June 2021, with the parade happening on Saturday 26 June. I was lucky enough to visit Barcelona during Pride 2018. Just across Gran Via in Eixample is the TOC Hostel – one of the most luxe hostels you’ll find in Europe. Stay in the loop with all my latest posts. Located on the opposite side of Plaça d’Espanya roundabout, it is a 5-minute walk from both Pride Village and Rocafort Metro station. The party was really well organised with a huge stage and screen situated at one end of the boulevard which was visible from anywhere in Pride Village. Nearly a decade later, Spain recognised transsexuality in 1987 by allowing people to change their gender on official documents without having to undergo surgery. For artists, free thinkers and those oppressed by the Spanish state, it was a countercultural haven from the military dictatorship that ruled the country. During this time, many LGBT+ people from the Catalan region took refuge in Sitges, the tiny seaside town 35 kilometres southwest of Barcelona.

In 2014, the Catan government passed the Act Against Homophobia to protect equality and formally legislate against discrimination, and in 2016 Spain topped an international poll as the country whose citizens were most supportive of transgender rights. 8.51 based on 495 reviews. I’ve detailed below all the information you need to know for the next Pride celebration plus a look at the history of Pride and my own experience of it below.

district near the historic city centre; home to Barcelona's main gay scene, boulevard of shops & restaurants, close to the gay nightlife, El Poblenou district, a short walk from Barcelona's main gay beach, historic district next to La Rambla, close to the gay nightlife, Pride Village Eixample District, Barcelona, Spain | map. Whilst Pride does run for a couple of weeks, with a programme of events, exhibitions and mini-festivals, I came for the last weekend for the iconic Parade and parties.

So, this would also have all been amazing too. Plus, I didn’t clock many other queer people on the streets – but again, as I said, this was probably because I wasn’t in the heart of the gaybourhood. For me, it was yet another reason to love Barcelona. This year’s edition is dedicated to families, because we want to show the world that LOVE is the only thing that matters. Barcelona’s gay area is Eixample – or ‘Gaixample’ as it is generally called. Previous proceedings included live performances at Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina from the Vengaboys, Inna and Eleni Foureira to name a few. We are arrived late (because we had to get back in drag lewks, of course) and had planned to march with our friends from Pluma but figured that we wouldn’t be able to get through.

Maria Cristina, where Barcelona’s Pride village is (including the main stage – so basically where all the big outdoor parties happen) then you really can’t do better than B-Hotel. Considered to be the biggest LGBT+ Pride celebration in the Mediterranean, with over 200,000 people taking part in the celebrations each year, Barcelona Pride is a wonderful time to visit the city.

All Pride Events in 2020 and 2021. loading Gay Prides and Events. Stylish rooms Walk to gay bars in Eixample. There was also quite a good drag market with clothes and accessories you could buy. I would definitely recommend it as a great weekend away here, especially if the other Barcelona LGBT+ festivals like Circuit/Girlie Circuit aren’t really your cup of tea. Plus, it’s also one of my top 5 places to visit, so you are guaranteed an amazing weekend full of beaches, good food and fun bars – plus all the events, exhibitions, parties and parade that form the Barcelona gay Pride programme.

So, thankfully, we were able to slip into the parade and join our friends without issue. This area also has some of the best brunch options in Barcelona and generally a young/fun vibe about it.

However, there were no barriers and only a few marshals, as the crowds were large enough to line the whole route but not so massive that you felt overwhelmed or unsafe. | Near the gay beach. Check our top hotels in Barcelona for gay travellers. This cosmopolitan beach city hosts one of the least corporate and most inclusive Pride celebrations I’ve experienced anywhere in the world. Planning to be in Barcelona for Pride? During this era, trans and gay Spaniards were brutally oppressed, with homosexuality being declared illegal in 1954 with a reformed Vagrancy Act. Welcome to the fight for freedom, dignity, respect and acceptance for the LGBTQ rights. Stay safe and follow the local authority's guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus. June 2020 | Saturday, 27. The Pride parade didn’t start till 5pm which was great as we were still very hungover from the night before. Following the dictator’s death in 1975, these activists reformed as the Catalan Front for the Gay Liberation (FAGC) – whose offices can still be found today in the Gracia district of Barcelona (they throw great parties during the Festes Major de Gracia every August).

If you’re more West London than East (or more Manhattan than Brooklyn) then this is the area for you, as the bars and shops are a little more upscale than El Raval. On the 26th June 1977, some 4,000 people marched up Barcelona’s main boulevard, Las Ramblas, to demonstrate against LGBT+ oppression. This is such a great queer party that happens every month in Barcelona – definitely worth checking out no matter when you’re visiting the city. Alternatively, on the same night at the main stage in Pride Village, there were loads of amazing things to watch and do, including the iconic High Heels race, the drag queen catwalk plus performances by Eurovision winners Conchita Wurst (she of the beard and beautiful voice) and Loreen (of Euphoria fame). I was quite surprised when I was walking around the city on the Thursday that there was so little visibility on the streets about the fact that it was Pride. One of Spain’s most popular gay festivals is Pride Barcelona.

I would recommend making a beeline for these booths when you first arrive to ensure that you grab a couple of drinks vouchers before the crowds arrive. There was a whole family marching in front of us in support of their trans daughter, with everyone wearing Trans Pride flags as capes. Having been to Sydney Mardi Gras and London Pride before, which are both heavily marshalled with barriers and huge crowds, I was expecting Barcelona Pride to be the same. The following year, the Catalan Parliament passed a Law for Established Partnership Unions, the first of its kind in Spain. In the decades prior to this, Spain was ruled by the dictator Franco, who came to power in 1939 with the Nationalist victory in the Spanish Civil War and whose regime only ended with his death in 1975. I expected that the city would be overrun by other tourists visiting for Pride but really it was just the locals, which was actually really nice. Please check the venue or event's own website for the latest information. Welcome to the fight for freedom, dignity, respect and acceptance for the LGBTQ rights. The best thing about this Pride party was there was lots of room to hang out, sit down, chat with friends, dance, make new friends, do whatever you wanted to do. Affiliate Disclosure: This blog has affiliate links for, Partnerize, Awin and Get Your Guide.

The highlight of the night was definitely Eleni Foureira, Cyprus’ answer to Beyonce who really should have won Eurovision this year. Beautiful interiors Boutique choice. | Walk to gay bars & clubs. The parade took only 2.5 hours for everyone to march and both participants and observers to file into the Pride Village. The crowd was small and chilled, with much more of a local vibe about it. I was so impressed by this because I’ve sometimes had to wait that long to even be able to start marching. Barcelona’s gay pride parade in 2021 will take place on 26th June. These original Pride marches led to the Law of Dangerousness and Social Rehabilitation being repealed in 1979 and the decriminalization of homosexuality. Excellent value Boutique choice. start date: 19-Jun-2021 | finish date: 27-Jun-2021. For a slightly more dramatic room design, try the boutique Room Mate Anna Hotel, while if you prefer a chic black and white stripe, I highly recommend Europark Hotel, which I loved staying at during my 2009 trip. Your email address will not be published. Encompassing the queer and quirky, I place Coronavirus Update: Please note that some events may be canceled in line with local government advice. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you want to stay as close as possible to Av. 9.02 based on 1911 reviews. Despite Franco’s death and the movement towards changes across the country, his laws remained and were still enforced, with police regularly raiding gay bars. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. During the week around Pride, we went along to a couple of the exhibitions that formed part of the festival programme, including the LGBTI Erotica exhibition at Filippo ioco Studio & Gallery in Poble Sec and the Queer History archive at MACBA in El Raval, which were both really great. Reviews are the subjective opinion of Travel Gay users, not of Travel Gay. This was actually really nice because, having marched in both of the LGBT+ demonstrations above, it felt less like a whole bunch of people coming to “watch the freaks” as the crowds can sometimes feel and more like locals and less exhibitionistic visitors wanting to celebrate Pride. I’ve stayed at the Market Hotel, which is quite sexy (watch my video review) and a really great mid-range option, and Leonardo Hotel Barcelona Las Ramblas, which I also have a detailed review for. Welcome to PRIDE BARCELONA ️‍ PRIDE 2021 with Contiki ️‍ ‼️ IMMERSIVE TRAVEL FOR 18-35 YEAR OLDS ‼️ IBIZA & BEYOND Combining beachside Barcelona with a pride party in Ibiza Kicking off in beachside Barcelona, this pride extravaganza takes you through to the party capital of Europe: Ibiza. This law was replaced by the Law of Dangerousness and Social Rehabilitation in 1970, which extended the powers of the state over LGBT+ people to include up to 3 years imprisonment and “rehabilitation” in special prisons known as “galerías de invertidos” (“galleries of deviants”), which saw most of those arrested – primarily cis gay men and trans women – being subjected to torture and electric shock treatments.

Pride Ticket - Barcelona Gay Pride 2020 - Saturday, 20.

For further information about the itinerary, please check Pride Barcelona’s website . I later saw many more groups like this at the party, so it was wonderful to see so much love and diversity in the parade. When I visit Barcelona these days, I prefer to stay in the edgy El Raval/Sant Antoni area of the city – which is also a short walk from Pride Village and gay bars like Madame Jasmine and La Federica. There were very few banners around the streets for example, so it felt like it could have been any other weekend. I don’t think there was a bar there so everyone was simply drinking cans they have bought from nearby shops. The global pandemic of COVID19 has affected to every massive event, despite of that Pride!BCN doesn't go off! Check our top hotels in Barcelona for gay travellers. Stay tuned for the program for Barcelona Pride 2020, coming soon. June 2020 in Barcelona. Barcelona has many amazing hostels and while there aren’t any exclusively “gay hostels”, there are some great gay-friendly places for your stay during Pride. With chic interiors and a rooftop pool, you can still feel 5-star on a budget here. For further information about the itinerary, please check Pride Barcelona’s website. Oliver in the Barcelona Pride parade 2018 Barcelona > Pride & Events Pride events are almost year around in Barcelona, peaking with the gay pride parade and festival each June, which attracts around 300,000 people. Overall, I found Barcelona Pride to be a really lovely weekend and amazingly positive but also quite chilled experience of the city. I was also really impressed by the leather daddies marching behind us, all still in full attire despite the 30-degree heat.


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