bambi benson teeth
She keep threatening and that’s what’s going to happen. The Braxtons have been accused of getting too much surgery. When she wears that ugly a-s lipstick, it makes her look like that. Talking about toes and alleged fake clothes… How about they find some truth? Cause its black as h-ll …no your over used washed up deflated pancake, teardrop shaped a-s.

I like OG I just don’t think some of the other women gave her a chance. Sep 04, 2020. The truth will show it’s self & it don’t have favorites. I would really appreciate if you ladies would stop calling OG an ape this is not who we are. The name toegie was funny. Everyone is now racist, chad is being put in the mix, colorism, maylashia bleachers her skin, and so forth. Y’all won’t like OG either in about two or three more seasons. Of is a trouble maker she is not very nice nor is she nice looking.

She’s been friends with Malaysia since they were kids.

Can’t you ladies just get song.

Still Team OG and I wish her nothing but the best the rest of the cast can kick Rocks. Get your life OG, I think that shaunie has to step up and speak out about her friend Evelyn. I know you have not bleached your skin,for what who would bleach pure fine n for what. Was you watching when Evelyn hit that lady with a bottle? I believe it all along before OG mentioned it, I was saying the same thing , Malaysia used to be darker than that, I real think she is bleaching,go back at all the season of basketball wife , you will see the difference in her skin color. She should have known going on that show was going to set her up to be bashed and clowned. She has a writing Boo written on the back of her hand along with a beautiful design of something. Copyright © 2020 Urban Belle Media, LLC. Your email address will not be published.

Evelyn would have been PERFECTLY fine with OG if she were a Black sister of a Black d7ck she on.

She just mad cause OG with with her Ex. On Basketball Wives LA, Bambi appeared in season 2 as Malaysia’s best friend; they have been buddies since they were 16 and have always had each other’s back when in need. As you can see, there have definitely been some changes on Bambi's body which are of course the outcome of the plastic procedure that she underwent. I tell you what, pull a picture from each season and see she was bleaching. You need to stop acting an a-s for CeCe now you do not have a job.

Wish I could meet you.

Also spotted: Ryan Serhant, EJ Johnson, Adiz “Bambi” Benson and more!

She has not been as aggressive as Evelyn. OBJECTIVES: Polymerization of composite restorations causes shrinkage, which deforms and thus stresses restored teeth. Keeping the smiles of Benson healthy and beautiful is our goal at Axiom Dentistry. So how you gonna be scared when your faced with that same attitude?

Not just one for a reality show or out of mutual dislike for someone else. This show was my favorite but now I’m just puzzled. I’ll wait, because she’s not a basketball wives and she thought it was ok to bring up another basketball wife ex husband. Bambi Benson (2014-Present) – Lil Scrappy started dating rapper Bambi Benson in 2014. Yes yes , of has a point Malaysia’s doing something because her skin is lighter . To learn more, call your Benson dentist today. First of all evelyn and malaysia are not scared of og it’s simply the fact that of is not happy inside she knows she is not attractive and a couple of them made it clear that they know she isnt attractive either..she is angry because of thi fact kind of like the type of girl that wants to fight the pretty girls to have a chance to scratch their faces have a chance to pull their hair..those beauties ain’t going for that..been there learned that in high school and in the later yrs of ugly girls that are jealous true..she is not worth them fighting they wanna make an example and her boyfriend is a b… h for verbally attacking feby..he supposed to be a man why u in girl drama? Wow!! That is what friends do. Bambi has somehow admitted having the cosmetic surgeries done to her body. Emani Richardson was …

God is good, remember Scrappy was looking for the bam she wasn’t lost God had to make sure when he gave her back you would be ready for that life don’t mess up luv all of you always in my prayers. K. Michelle Drags Tamar Braxton & Makes Some Messy Accusations.


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