azula mental illness

However, once they found her, Azula goes back to her violent self once again and attempts to attack Ursa, only to unable to do so when Ursa apologizes for abandoning her and Azula runs into the forest. She's also enraged that her mother, as Noriko, has another daughter: Kiyi. In this, Azula's quick thinking and prodigious ability come to the forefront.

Cyclops | She almost struck her down until Zuko intervened, though he refused to kill her. Misu's brother had his face stolen by Koh the Face Stealer and they were on a mission in the Fire Nation to save him. Coco LaBouche | She accused her servant of purposely leaving a pit in her cherry so that she would choke.

Ed Bighead | Bujing | She is the princess of the Fire Nation, daughter of Phoenix King Ozai and Princess Ursa, and younger sister of Zuko. Zuko responds by assuring her that no matter how complicated their relationship gets, she will always be his sister. General Zhao | As Noriko, she remarried and had a daughter. Using only two non-bending friends, and her tactical brilliance, she not only succeeded where entire armies had failed for a century in conquering the city, but also took away a powerful ally for the heroes (temporarily), and put Aang out of action for a good period of time. In the comic arc Smoke and Shadow, Azula had been secretly plotting with others to overthrow Zuko as the Fire Lord. Although still very dangerous and manipulative, Azula believes she’s doing Zuko a favor, helping him gain confidence in himself as Fire Lord by challenging him in secret. However, her mental instability still weakened her battlefield prowess, and this ultimately resulted in her defeat at the hands of Katara. Mung | Red Cap | Azula was marked by a distinct lack of empathy. Azula's relationship with Ursa is nearly as complicated as her kinship with Zuko. Zuko later pursues and fights Azula, who reveals that she no longer wants to become Fire Lord, but rather seeks to turn Zuko into a tyrannical Fire Lord like she would be. Easily the most fearsome enemy in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Azula has been a true villain in the series. Taken to their leader, Long Feng, they both plotted a coup on the city's leadership with him placing the Dai Li under her command, both planning to betray the other. In the comic arc The Search, Team Avatar goes to find Ursa, but Zuko decides to take Azula with them.

Baatar Jr. | While these were displayed many times throughout the series, they were never displayed as thoroughly as in the second season finale, in her takeover of Ba Sing Se, a city that had withstood siege for a century. Kurt Bozwell | She was shown reacting with despair and rage when she learned her father was going to the Earth Kingdom without her, which soon increased her mental deterioration. Nora Beady | Azula also used her flames in previously unseen ways, such as jets of flames, whirling disks, and blades of fire.

He agrees to take her with him in his quest, and for a time, Azula joins Team Avatar. Sandbenders, Individuals But her goal isn’t to bring back Ozai. She discovers a letter that seemingly reveals that Zuko is not of royal blood, saying: With this information, Azula comes to the conclusion that she should be in the throne in place of Zuko while being the only one with actual royal blood. Accusing her mother of setting everyone against her, even her own mind, Azula revealed her plans to Ursa's mirage that she would find and kill her, in order to be free of her interventions forever.

Mulgarath | As Azula gradually lost her sanity prior to the arrival of Sozin's Comet, her firebending became unfocused and wild, making her all the more dangerous, however it also resulted in her becoming exhausted more easily than usual. This caused her to cry and leave behind the letter, no longer interested in being Fire Lord. Remembering an old sleepover with Mai, she recalled Mai's great nightmare of the Kemurikage spirits.


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