avatar song lyrics

You need to thank these nice people. “Avatar” available. Then he turns and tackles Katara to the ground to protect her.

Aang and Katara enter and move deeper into the chamber.) Zuko: (quietly, but intensely) I know.

They run to it.) Aang looks over his shoulder at Chong with an uncertain expression.) Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Chong: Eh, about two hours each.

Aang: (blushing, slightly flustered) Oh... yeah.

Cut to a frontal shot of Aang and Katara who look at each other in wonder, then turn to look behind them.

Sokka: You guys are gonna be done soon, right? Gun Lyrics: You give a boy a gun / You hope he won't be long / You tell him to take aim... be strong / You gave it all / You give a boy a gun / That's how the story ends / Atrocities aside Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Song: (kindly) Can I join you? Version 1 music video They are surrounded. This song is also a tribute to Mako Iwamatsu, the voice actor for Iroh, who died having nearly completed recording his lines for season two.

starts and ends within the same node. It is highly stylized and looks as if it were from Japanese panel art. Sokka: (aggravated) That's it!

Chong: Actually, it's not just one tunnel.

But I haven't lost hope. Aang and Katara turn to see Appa pawing the ground and snorting. Cut back to a close shot of Katara from the front.

Sokka: I present to you the Earth Kingdom city of O... (devastated with realization) Oh, no... Katara: (voice-over) The woman's name was Oma and the man's name was Shu. Thanks for everything, Moku.

Appa gets burned and stampedes around the tunnel. His audience, except Sokka, claps enthusiastically.) She holds the branch or a red leafed tree in her hand. Air. These people just showed you great kindness.

The camera pans right to reveal Iroh sitting on another table, naked from the waist up, being attended by Song, a young woman who is a healer at the hospital. Zuko: (more calmly) Uncle... what are you doing?

Cut back to the wider shot of Aang, Katara and Chong.

Aang: (uncertainly) So... um... (starts playing his guitar and sings) Two lovers, forbidden from one another... a war divides their people, and a mountain divides them apart.

(Aang looks after her and smiles slightly. Aang, Sokka, and Katara: (terrified) AAAAAHHHHH! Cut to Aang, Appa and Katara walking through their own tunnel. Appa rear up and cries out in pain. (Sounds are heard in the darkness ahead.

The troupe sings as Sokka leads them on, scowling.) Your loyal son, Lu Ten.”, The voice actor named Mako sang this, but he died then they had this episode be in honor of him.

(Iroh and Zuko walk off the screen to the right as the show cuts to a wide of Appa, the kids and Chong's group walking along a wide street lined with what look like the ruins of temples.)

You two look like you could use a good meal. Before Sokka can answer, Chong leans into the frame and begins to whisper conspiratorially.) He stops, though, when ominous sounds begin to echo through the darkness. He grabs Momo and places him strategically over his body and sidles rapidly off the screen. Aang: Hey, Sokka, you should hear some of these stories. (Katara stalks off the right side of the shot.) (Sokka's face gets further distended and exaggerated with each syllable until his warped features almost fill the screen.)

Moku: Nope. They break the embrace as Katara questions her brother.) With a smooth motion he causes the blob to sprout about a dozen, wide tentacles. Lily: (spacey) Ohh, right. RIP mako.

[This transcription is an exact replication of the one found on AvatarSpirit.net. Zuko: Earth Kingdom it is. The lovers didn't want anyone to find out about their love, so they built a whole labyrinth. (Cut to a shot of the forest canopy. Cut to Zuko and Iroh riding away on the ostrich, then cut to a close up of Song looking out from her front door.

(The group makes its way slowly into the tunnel, Appa groaning in protest, but still following. Only (His attention wanders elsewhere, then to Sokka) Nice underwear.


Shift back to Sokka and Chong's band. Katara: See? ], Act I

Aang: We can make it. (Zuko turns to leave, but Iroh stops him.)

Cut back to Aang and Katara walking through the tunnel with Appa.) (Sokka looks sidewise at Chong who is now obviously singing to the dour water tribe boy. The great city was named Omashu as a monument to their love. These are shortly joined by many more.

These are bacui berries, known to cure the poison of the white jade plant. Aang: (gloomily) We're gonna run out of light any second now, aren't we? She points down the tunnel.)

The camera zooms backward and a new hill enters the foreground.

Zuko: (quietly, without much feeling) Thank you.

(offers his hand to Iroh) Well? Whenever.

(She reaches out to touch his scar, but Zuko grabs her hand without looking before she reaches his face.) We were once refugees ourselves. (evaluates Aang's form and comes over to correct it) Your arms are too far apart. We're enemies of the Earth Kingdom, and fugitives from the Fire Nation. (gravely) That, or it's the white jade bush, which is poisonous. We've all been through it.

Cut to Sokka rubbing his head in frustration with his companions. Short black hair now covers his head.) Cut to a close up shot of Aang's eyes, shining with adoration, that pans slowly right. (In front of Sokka lies the devastated fortress city of Omashu. (Sokka walks into the shot from the left, still mostly naked and with Momo perched on his shoulder.

Iroh: But where are we going to go? (The episode opens with a daytime shot of the sky and cliffs covered in vegetation. The badger mole in front of Sokka bends earth around the water tribe boy, pinning him down and separating him from the others.

They're tracking us. Cut to a shot of a large porch lamp, then to a wide shot of to Zuko sitting cross legged on Song's porch. They've hurt me, too. During this scene, Iroh sets up a small memorial to Lu Ten in Ba Sing Se. The camera pans down to reveal the moss covered entrance to a large tunnel in the cliff face. Katara: (skeptically) Is this real or a legend?

Iroh is covered with the red rash from eating the white jade flower. Katara: Aang, look! Cut to Sokka, looking up, expecting to get killed.

Cut to Aang who doesn't react for a second, then speaks.)

(Cut to a close up of Appa's left eye. She could have destroyed them all. Cut to an interior shot where Zuko, Iroh and Song are seated at a knee high, Asian styled table.

Two holes are blown open next to the tunnel exit to reveal the tow badger moles.

Momo begins to chitter excitedly, clearly telling Appa the story of what happened after they got separated. Aang: (dejected) What is wrong with me? Aang: What?

(Cut to a frontal shot of the tanks. Chong: (singing) The big bad badger moles who work in the tunnels, hate the wolf bats but love the sounds. No!

I'm saying I'd rather kiss you than die.

(They move forward to a railing, then cut to a long shot of the three at the railing from down inside the tomb near the sarcophagi. Cut to a shot of the badger mole's face, as he stops his advance and puzzles over Sokka.

I think “Little soldier boy/ Come marching home” is a plea for the soldier, who is still young and naïve, to come home and be safe, and “Brave soldier boy / Comes marching home” implies the young boy has grown up, he’s experienced now, and returns changed. According to the curse.

(Cut back to the tunnel, where Sokka is fooling around with a map, the others stand behind him.) (kicks at the ground angrily) This is impossible! Momo jumps off his head and he smacks his forehead again.

Song: You two must not be from around here.

Song: Oh. Fire. This is just a preview! Song: Mushi and Junior, huh? Chong: Well, sounds like you're headed to Omashu. Aang: Right...

After snarling a bit, it launches back into the air and flies over the heads of the group. Zuko: I haven't seen my father in many years. (He lifts his hair to look at them and lets his arm drop lazily back into the water.) Commander: Launch!

His eye looks up as the camera pans up to reveal one of the nameless members of Chong's troupe braiding his hair. She is crushed.

Katara: Okay, let's see what you got. Zuko begins to speak from o.c., then cut to wide, overhead shot of Zuko standing behind Iroh from a point somewhere in the upper branches of a nearby tree.) She makes a little curtsy.) The woman on his left wears black and pink, has big hair adorned with a single flower and plays a flute. They turn and enter the two holes the created to exit the mountain, closing them up with their earthbending powers after they passed through.

Zuko: (losing his patience) We're not taking any more chances with these plants!

Sokka: (cynically) Right.

Song: Do you have names? (Fade to black, then cut to Zuko and Iroh leaving Song's house. Cut to a wide shot of the kids in the water looking towards the beach from where the sounds are coming from, then cut to a view from somewhere along the path to the beach within the forest. At the end of his enormous fishing pole he has succeeding in spearing what looks like a minnow. Katara then begins to rapid fire icicles at him. Chong: I'm sure we'll figure it out. Around his eyebrow lie several braided locks of his fur which are adorned with many small, pink flowers. Cut to a wider, side shot of them both.

(Iroh looks over Song's shoulder at "Junior," who balls his fists at the name his uncle has just bestowed on him.) Aang: (worried) What about Sokka? Chong: (happily) Hey-hey, you saved us, Sokka! (Cut to a long shot of the top of a gulley or small canyon.

(She lets go of his hand as the camera pans down the tunnel.

(Cut to a shot of Aang's mid section, his hand in front of him holding the dwindling torch. (Sokka freezes for a moment as this statement sinks in. Sokka: (firmly) Look, I hate to be the wet blanket here, but since Katara is busy I guess it's up to me. (Katara drops her bending stance and slumps over at Sokka's statement, then turns to face him with an arched eyebrow as she replies.)

(Cut to a wide, long shot of a huge, round stone door ahead of them. Well then what kind of people are ya?

(Cut to a close of Sokka.

She blushes visibly even in the darkness. Iroh: (appalled) What are you doing?

Ironic that Mako sang the song that would be a tribute to his death. Water. This painting is of a large animal with claws.) Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Verge - Theme from Avatar the Last Airbender Lyrics. If only we listened to you. The camera pans up to the kids walking up a hill or small mountain. The tunnels are changing.

Everyone but Sokka is lying on or close to Appa listening to Chong play his instrument. Appa emerges from the tunnel at a gallop, stops, rears up on his hind legs and flops on his back. Earth.

Sokka: (emphatically) O. Ma. The Fire Nation has hurt you. Off camera Chong begins to strum his guitar. Momo raises his head, his head and ears filling most of the screen and blocking Sokka as music and singing is heard from off camera.

(As their names are spoken, their names appear on the parchment. Zuko: They're about to show us a little more kindness. Song: So where are you traveling from?

Sokka: (with an accusing finger pointed at Chong) Who're you? Sokka's eye steal over to the singer before the shot cuts a wide shot of Aang addressing the rest of Chong's troupe.)

Song: That's too bad.

Katara: (shyly) Well... what if we kissed? (stops and says normally) Yeah, and I forget the next couple of lines, but then it goes... (sings enthusiastically as everyone else dances) Secret tunnel! Sokka: No, they were trying to get away from something.


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