astroneer shredder exploit
Shred Items For Scrap In The Astroneer 0.9 Update! Alternatively, Scrap may also be researched for 275 Bytes at the Research Chamber. Scrap will start coming out slowly. Today we issued a hotfix with the following updates to all platforms: Fixed some new items not being available from creative mode plinths. [AS-5038] - And while we’re there, fixed a visual issue where attempting to quick stow a large item while holding it would trigger the “Backpack Full” UI warning. You can now manage your server via an RCON port. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Currently the most return on value for scrap from soil is the Winch. Not big news: The trade station exploit. We are investigating a deeper fix to Terrain 2.0 that would fully address this issue, as well as some others, but will require more implementation and testing. In return, you'll get back some resources that you can use to finish off that project you're working on. automatic soil centrifuge - yes! [AS-11692] - Duplicated canisters are now displaying the correct color for the resource or gas they are containing. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). System Era Softworks' Astroneer has released another update which brings new items and equipment for explorers according to a news post on the game's Steam Community page. Those layers require some additional tooling as the development studio System Era continues to polish things and the latest update, version 1.0.9., is available now. Its covered with medium sized canisters for soil and elements. Scrap is useless as a crafting item at the moment. 遠い世界を探検し、形を変えよう!Astroneerは25世紀のゴールドラッシュが舞台であり、宇宙の辺境を探検するのが目的です。金持ちになるチャンスをつかむために過酷な環境で資源を活用して生き残ろう。 [AS-6160] - Fixed a bug that would cause carried objects to clip through terrain and become lost when a player enters a slide or deploys terrain tool. Astroneer released February 6, 2019, on Xbox One and PC. [AS-11413] - Shredder now moves completed Scrap nuggets to available slots as soon as they become available, [AS-11021] - Soil Centrifuge, with the repeat button on, will now not start until 1 full Small Canister’s worth of soil is placed in the centrifuge. Updates to terrain tool equipping and activation in relation to the backpack, The following are still known issues as of version Grind up all the junk you don't need and shoot it off into space! Scrap is the currency resource, used with the Trade Platform, to obtain other resources. All rights reserved. I thought it was an exploit too at first. New to Shacknews? [AS-11412] - Trade Platform no longer allows the output to be switched during takeoff, patching an exploit which gave infinite expensive resources at no cost. [AS-11408] - Items added to a halted Shredder are now shredded when shredding resumes, [AS-11411] - Medium and Large Resource Canisters with nuggets in the output slot no longer create nugget connectors when shredded. basically only good on multiplayer, and no in game chat, lol wtf? I get back to the base and things aren't automated yet. [AS-6111] - Fixed a usability issue which occurred if a player stowed a research sample in their backpack, there would be no prompt open the backpack. If the terrain tool was not equipped when the backpack has been opened, it will no longer become equipped when the backpack is closed, regardless of whether you had opened the terrain tool storage while the backpack was open. Ultracite Ore, and Ultracite Scrap, you can scrap them for Ultracite itself that goes into the creation of your Power Armor. [AS-11627] - Sensor harpoons make snapping noise when hovering over open lightboard storage slots. Locking Platforms tool tips phrases: “Lock” and “Unlock” will not be translated into other languages with this release. Some of these pieces of equipment are still functional and can be used to get a new base off the ground, but not everything you'll find will be in tip-top shape! [AS-11424] - Fixed an issue where the Soil Centrifuge collecting sediment canister SFX was stuttering when filling module with soil. Iron is a refined resource in Astroneer. This Update focuses on adding even more items and functionality to the Automation Update we previously released. Gathering enough Soil to turn into Clay, the player may smelt it into Ceramic and craft Drill Mod 1, which may then be shredded into Scrap. We are continuing work on this issue and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible. (You can still manually delete a held segment pin.). He's pretty active on Twitter, so feel free to reach out to him @The_CSJR. Astroneer is available for Xbox One and PC gamers, delivering a charming survival experience with many layers. You can purchase 4 Wolframite for 6 Scrap and smelt it into Tungsten, then use 1 Soil to make 4 Resin and 1 Soil to make 4 Organic, convert these into 4 Rubber, then create 4 Winch and shred them. Not really a bug or exploit as it takes a lot of standing there, grinding packers, trading scrap for graphite, making packers, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. I can see where I dropped this or that. I loved that feature. The subreddit for Astroneer, an interplanetary sandbox adventure/exploration game developed by System Era Softworks.


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