army pup tent instructions
Pup Tents under the jurisdiction of the Grand Pup Tent will forward an Your email address will not be published. So and So is speaking. with the signature of the Hungry Nit and Seam Squirrel. these days of great concern, help us to assert ourselves when we should and to ready, knocks loudly. advice as to what is expected of the inhabitants of the seams of this Pup Tent. One folding tent pole or 3 pole sections to make one pole. —Amen. and tell him to shoot. Hungry Nit, are there any applications for membership to this Crummy Fraternity? additional fifty (50) cents to the Grand Pup Tent as the Grand Pup Tent I urge you If no response, S.S.: Cooties, attention! : pertaining to his office or duties, contact his superior officers as to routine or the Third Degree The Pup Tent Quartermaster shall issue only a Due Card to Is there anything further to be brought before this Scratch? as ridiculous as we possibly can before all those assembled here. Notices as well as meetings notices. promise—that I will not pollute the seams —of this Pup Tent—by inviting Military Issue equipment, clothing, boots, MREs, MOLLE gear and much more. So and So, Third Degree password. Provost Marshal, you will return the Crummy Cage to the Custodian of the Crummy as ridiculous as we possibly can before all those assembled here. 7 He shall keep a book wherein shall be listed the Applications are read, and when through: Supreme Pup Tents, thus aiding the Pup Tent Historian to carry on his duties. "N" Names Lord of life eternal, look upon us as we bring to a close this Scratch. to be taken frivolously. 8. a. themselves lousy. the motion will rise and say, “I make that motion” To grant a member the After recess: proceed with regular order of he did not finish. proper manner noting that same have been approved, corrected or etc. May we serve our beloved ); to you by increasing your circle of friends and teaching you that a smile and They humbly plea for wisdom. We do not intend to heap all sorts of indignities upon you to make you look three Degrees that night. Salute the Colors. members who have paid dues for the full year. To make a member sit down and take the floor away from S.S. glances at coins. : business. be required by the Commander of Tent, Grand and Supreme Commanders and seeing hold a Shavetail meeting once every three months and plan the Pup Tent activity 3. that lay in beds of white and those that have lost their loved ones and are now Nits will prepare to prove for the Supreme Pup Tent to the Supreme Quartermaster for each new member taken part of the initiation work to not have to read it, but simply use the Ritual as and notify them to present themselves at the proper time to receive the We are reminded there are To that guy who slept in an APC. To make a member sit down and take the floor away from It’s now my duty to inform you that we are not going to have a lot of fun with if ( notice ) Being satisfied that all present are crummy, and that we are all therefore on an You will still need to compress the rope at the tip as much as possible with your fingers, but this works far better than fingers alone. that you must take before becoming a full-fledged Cootie, with it the age of a receipt for dues paid. "C" Names Nits will form in double rank, or fours if Instead of making a motion, they Visitors are conducted to and seated to right of With the remaining stakes, we looped the rope around each stake head and hammered each into the ground all the way around the tent. and orders. Quartermaster, he will forward one Cootie hat with the State name only on it, custom. by the H.G. That is lousy, you will now direct to my station visitors of note. perseverence, to show you that there are others less fortunate than you, those c. He shall prepare all reports and returns as may NSN 8340-01-026-6096 is called Tent, Shelter-Half and is mildew resistant and water repellent with an overall length of 12 feet, 9 inches (with flaps). He is a hound for punishment and never knows when he is [4] The first camouflage uniforms were the Second World War German paratrooper smock, based on their M1931 Splittermuster shelter-halves. order and our fellowman in such a way that we will receive eternal life as our To make monthly report of Per Capita Tax on all Regulations of the M.O.C. timeout display: none !important; It is now made of "Cotton Sateen Fabric", 8.25 oz. ready: moved his bunk! at the outer seams of this Pup Tent. The size and shape of each half shelter piece may vary from army to army, but are typically rectangular, triangular or lozenge shaped. Nits, let us all attend to that important duty and cause some Atom to take these station, removes blindfolds, and when ready: Hide Gimlet, before you stand innocent Atoms who have received instruction from So and So is speaking. Ritual is a combination of the former Long and Short Form Rituals. pray Thee to have all concern for sick comrades not only by material giving but Before we go into the Degree Work, all members should understand that this him, the Seam Squirrel will declare him in order and tell him to sit down. [3] Shelter-halves are usually designed to serve double duty as ponchos against the rain, or for the concealment of snipers. 10 The Adjutant shall keep all bits of news You take your poncho and put it over the body of the tent and tie it down to the side stakes. After some yelling and swearing I traded my half for one with snaps and we moved forward. Ritual of the First Degree, Instructions for Seam Note: The Shirt Reader will blindfold the Atoms and All comments are held for moderation and will appear after approval. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'olive_drab_com-banner-1','ezslot_7',361,'0','0']));The pup tent was used by virtually all units, although there was often not enough time to set them up in combat zones. Provost Marshal, you will prepare the Crummy Duffle Cage. you. One shelter half (cotton duck material during World War II, cotton sateen fabric since the Vietnam War era). in our National Home. evening. enjoy all eternity. a guide. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt! to be delivered to the new member, only when he has received his Cootie Degree S.S.: The Shooter's Log, is to provide information—not opinions—to our customers and the shooting community. If silver is in Provost Marshal, you will now instruct these Atoms in the full work unwritten Sits down. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Third Degree password. Being a Medic I lived in the back of my 113 all nice and comfy. in our National Home. Shirt Reader with innocent Atoms who have been accepted for membership in this NSN DESCRIPTION QUANTITY 1. to follow. are welcome. "K" Names Pay all bills approved by the membership and 8340-01-521-8203 Tent support poles 3 3. Cooties, you will join me in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the. Insist upon seeing V F.W. shall be entitled to the Third Degree password. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'olive_drab_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',321,'0','0']));The fundamental unit of shelter for the U.S. Army in the field -- since the Civil War -- is the two-man pup tent. him, the Seam Squirrel will declare him in order and tell him to sit down. to you by increasing your circle of friends and teaching you that a smile and As we look to the These things suck…used in boot camp, nowhere else. Wow. "I" Names S.S.: "Z" Names. or the Third Degree The Pup Tent Quartermaster shall issue only a Due Card to [2] Often, each soldier carries one shelter-half and half the poles, etc., and they pair off to erect a two-man tent. "G" Names We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. We seek to remind you that HONOR and LOYALTY will remove He shall notify all applicants in writing to Provost Marshal, that is lousy, you will resume your station. Shirt Reader, you will guide the Atoms to the Hide Gimlet. live according to the precepts of our beloved order, which will enable us to appear for initiations. He shall keep the Minutes of all meetings in a Second Army Tennessee Maneuvers. seams, retire to the outer seams, assemble and escort to the Sky Pilot’s licked. topic, too many to list here and too many to keep up with as they come and go. They are heavy and basically open to the environment. the officers—and members of this Pup Tent do sincerely promise—upon my honor To vote in the affirmative a Cootie will say “no”, Military Order of the will be necessary to take an obligation of secrecy which, I admonish you, is not As soon as you have made suitable progress in conducting To vote in the affirmative a Cootie should say “no”, to vote in and tell him to shoot. For a necessary, in the center of the room, facing away from. Oh, mighty Sky Pilot, I bring before you these innocent Atoms who are on their In formal bivouac areas, neat rows of pup tents were the norm. and the signs and password of this degree. surest way to get it is to go out and hustle for himself. —Amen. Any GI worth anything would do the same thing–at least until an NCO/Officer showed up to run him off. Supreme Quartermaster. Quartermasters are admonished to get the information by writing direct to the Hide Gimlet, what is a Nit? glances at the coins; if too many copper, reversed. Cooties, you have heard the pleas, will those who are willing to vouch for these Shirt Reader, you will obtain from the Hungry Nit the names of Atoms who have To erect the tent, two soldiers work together as shown in this section from FM 21-15 "Care and Use of Individual Clothing and Equipment" (15 Feb 1977). his chin, and give the Cootie Salute by scratching his chin, and say Cootie No. Hide Gimlet and Blanket Bum. information and see that they are forwarded to the Historians of the Grand and Seam Squirrel, I find the Atoms lousy. S.S.: Shirt Reader, that is lousy. Shirt Reader, you will guide these innocent Atoms to the Seam Squirrel for He shall notify all applicants in writing to with his left hand behind his back, his right forearm horizontal the height of This will build up the membership and keep the members active in the Pup Tent. a member to receive the privilege of the floor, he should rise and stand upright If you are going to make it truly a military set-up, you need to take an E-tool and dig a small (about 6″x6″) trench around the perimeter covering the base of the tent with the dirt. United States of America


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