anakin and padme kiss

"What do you mean, 'learn proper tact', you insipid blob of grease?". Padme drifted off to sleep, wrapping her arms and legs around Anakin's naked body. As explained in a few other entries, earlier in the movie she repeatedly says that he makes her uncomfortable and that he will always be a little boy in her eyes. She felt herself squeezing him harder and harder as she felt the welcome tingling between her legs growing to its zenith. She then undid his robes and pulled them down, kissing him again and again. It is hard to imagine a romantic relationship forming between Anakin and Padme after watching their interaction in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. The part of this interaction that makes no sense is that Padme would enjoy this comment. She sat naked before her husband, whipped raw with sand from the winds and covered in filth and slime. Padme and Anakin both chuckled at that last exchange, closing the door and latching it magnetically as Anakin continued cleaning his secret wife. In Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones, Anakin and Padme visit her home planet of Naboo. While Padme (the former Queen of Naboo)  is discussing with the current Queen where to hide, Anakin takes this public moment to throw a tantrum by constantly interrupting her and undermining her authority. Nothing is good enough for this kid. Adults only, contains sexual assault, forced nudity, violence and other types of M-rated content. In this list we break down 15 things that make no sense about Padme and Anakin’s relationship.

In the moment on Geonosis, when Anakin and Padme are potentially facing their end, Padme confesses her love for Anakin. First of all, Padme is a key figure and she stands for a free world. Anakin plunged deeper and deeper into Padme as she cried and gasped, tears falling from her lovely eyes as he stroked her long brown hair, no longer restrained as a pair of girlish pigtails.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. At one point Anakin tells Obi-Wan he wants to dream about Padme because being around her is intoxicating. C-3PO said as R2-D2 beeped at him angrily. They would have to gradually break the news of their secret marriage to the Jedi council in the coming months now that the war between the Separatists and the Republic was really heating up.

All the signs pointed towards Natalie Portman’s character, Padme, despite no romantic interaction between her and Anakin (aside from nine-year-old Anakin asking 14-year-old Padme if she is an angel). At the beginning of Anakin and Padme’s relationship she is a Queen and arguably the main character of the first movie.

Anakin said as he turned the golden droid around. It makes no sense and it is a rotten way to treat your leading female character. However, there is no mention of her in this moment or any other moment of the original trilogy. "Queen Amidala, it's so good to have you back!" The franchise leans heavily on the “forbidden love” trope, but it is only forbidden because of a character’s choice in career. We guess only George Lucas knows the answer to that one. She thrust her hips against his member, enticing him as he stroked her back and underarm with his metal hand. Padme had already discarded her pink crystal shoes, which was why she was being carried as opposed to walking barefoot in the hot sand, her only other option. Anakin pulled out a rubber bulb with a nozzle on one end, placing it in a chemical solution and holding it out to his wife. Anakin’s strong emotions, both positive and negative, are at the core of his transformation into Darth Vader. Padmé was extremely grateful that she and her husband were finally together again. She had horrible, burning diaper rash from having held her waste inside the diaper for hours, and it felt wonderfully soothing to her skin to be cleaned at last and of her own consent. She was so ecstatic to be freed from Jabba's filthy palace, no longer wearing that disgusting giant diaper, she didn't care about anything else. "Oh yes, god yes!"

Padme smiled and kissed her husband's face, wrapping the blankets around herself and spooning him from behind. Her demise is used as a plot device to crush Anakin’s soul and fully turn him to the Dark Side. Padme wondered if this made her the whore Jabba and his men made her out to be ad she kissed Anakin and gasped out loud in his ear. Anakin does not change his male gaze throughout the entire film, but somehow by the end Padme welcomes his piercing, brooding eyes. He let go to pull his robes off and reveal his bare chest, scarred from a multitude of battles. Her pasties shimmered as the tassels swung around on her nipples, swinging in tune with her childlike braids as her carried her.

There are a number of moments in the beginning of Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones when Padme tells Anakin to stop looking at her with lustful eyes because it makes her uncomfortable. ", "Are you okay?" Anakin carried Padme into the boomerang-shaped starship as strong winds whipped around them, her huge, padded diaper and plastic panties crinkling from his mechanical hand clutching her bottom. However, even with her he remains emotionally immature. She said to herself, tears falling from her lovely brown eyes. she cried out loud as she came, Anakin following shortly afterwards. "There's no sin in just enjoying sex. Padme then pressed herself against his cock, taking his hard length inside of her vagina. Padme said as she hugged him. Anakin carried Padme into the boomerang-shaped starship as strong winds whipped around them, her huge, padded diaper and plastic panties crinkling from his mechanical hand clutching her bottom.


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