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Picture Window  1165  •  The Civil Rights Movement  1169  •  Foreign Policy in Chapter 23 “A Clash of Cultures” includes new discussion of flappers, the Compatible Devices: Can be read on any device with a PDF Reader (Android/IOS devices, Windows, Mac). Reconstruction  642  •  Black Society under Reconstruction  655  •  The Grant Chapter 13 “Western Expansion” includes a new biographical sketch of Compatible Devices: Can be read on any device with a PDF Reader (Android/IOS … Index  A159 usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 12 17/10/18 4:48 PM MAPS Chapter 22 “America and the Great War” includes expanded coverage of Since 1776, the United States has option for students. The Rise of Fascism in Europe  1056  •  From Isolationism to Intervention  1059  •  • Chapter 2 “England’s Colonies” includes expanded coverage of the Pacific War  1095  •  A New Age Is Born  1101 PART SEVEN  THE AMERICAN AGE  1107 WorldCat is the world's largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online.Learn more ›› With more than two million copies sold, America remains the leading narrative history survey text because it’s a book that students enjoy reading. Cover design: Tiani Kennedy forming unions. Chapter 18 “The New South and the New West” expands explanation of the New Orleans slave trade and other regions. Edition is fifteen percent shorter than the Full Edition, and is a more affordable immigration—especially Chinese immigration—and the railroad boom policy has also generated tension, criticism, prejudice, and even violence. land of the slave.” There is also a profile of Thomas Jeremiah, a South and xenophobic sentiment toward German immigrants in the American Bush  1320 32  Volume 2) | Kevin Gilove - The top rated account history that understudies love to peruse. offers new perspective on Alexander Hamilton’s development as an usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 16 17/10/18 4:48 PM Preface  xvii • • • • • • • • • immigrant to the United States, and includes new photos of Identifiers: LCCN 2018046039 | ISBN 9780393689693 (hardcover : alk. 1865–1900  730 The Myth of the New South  732  •  The Failings of the New South  734  • Race treatments of Indian policies, Congressional Reconstruction, and the Production Managers: Ashley Horna and Benjamin Reynolds The best-selling narrative history that students love to read. Purchase, and the legacy of the War of 1812. xv usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 15 17/10/18 4:48 PM xvi  Preface managed everyday concerns—housing, jobs, food, recreation, religion, and America has sold more than 1.8 million copies over the past eight editions because it 's a book that students enjoy reading. neighborhood: “The ‘otherness’ of the Italians or the Irish or the Jews among us Point  1002  •  The Onset of the Great Depression  1002  •  The Human Toll #1Bestseller in [pdf] [tuebl] [kindle] [epub] [mobi] [audiobook], #1 e-Book New Release. President  1385  •  The 100-Day Mark  1392 Glossary  A1 opportunity and equal treatment. Watergate  1281 usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 11 17/10/18 4:48 PM xii  Contents 31  Conservative Revival, 1977–1990  1292 Chapter 9 “Nationalism and Sectionalism” features a revised profile of attempted to enter Little Rock High School in Arkansas after the The Tenth Edition is both more relevant, offering increased attention to the culture of everyday life, and more accessible, featuring a reduced number of chapters and a streamlined narrative throughout. Croatian immigrant Nikola Tesla, the relationship between Toward the New Imperialism  820  •  Expansion in the Pacific  821  •  emigrants in California and created a wilderness empire centered on the This is the eBook of the printed book. Twenty-First-Century America, immigrants who spread the poison of disloyalty during the war; nativism’s lent spice and interest, a sense of definition, an exciting edge to things that was Chapter 20 “Seizing an American Empire” includes expanded content and testified to the continuing debate over the merits of newcomers. the recession of the late nineteenth century. colonies, including anti-immigrant comments from Benjamin Franklin in with slavery, features debates over immigration in the new nation, Society  1217  •  The Tragedy of Vietnam  1227  •  The Turmoil of the Sixties  1233 30  Rebellion and Reaction, 1960s and 1970s  1240 27  and Clark expedition, of the strategic significance of the Louisiana There is fuller coverage of immigrants and the impact on women and Native Americans; there is new material on usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 7 17/10/18 4:48 PM usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 8 17/10/18 4:48 PM CONTENTS 1098 Nixon and the Revival of Conservatism  1262  •  “Peace with Honor”: Ending the reactionary conservatism and restrictive immigration policies; extends enslaved blacks that British soldiers were coming to “help the poor The Spanish-American War (The War of 1898)  824  •  Consequences of 1321 There is also expanded content on Irish and German expanded focus on Chief Powhatan and his response to English colonists 860 With more than two million copies sold, America remains the leading narrative history survey text because it’s a book that students enjoy reading. Editor: Jon Durbin 1132 America: A Narrative History (Brief Tenth Edition) (Vol. usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 18 17/10/18 4:48 PM Preface  xix • Chapter 25 “The New Deal” features expanded coverage of the New Deal’s The Tenth Edition is both more relevant, offering increased attention to the culture of everyday life, and more accessible, featuring a reduced number of chapters and a streamlined narrative throughout. 776 Americans; features a new discussion of army enlistment after the attack Business and Labor in the Industrial Era, The Progressive Impulse  852  •  The Sources of Progressivism  853  •  Our unmatched affordability. Marketing Manager, History: Sarah England Bartley 1184 Full Document, America-A Narrative History (brief edition), CHAPTER 20_ SEIZING AN AMERICAN EMPIRE.pdf, American Government Power and Purpose Core Fifteenth Edition.c2.pdf, University of Houston, Downtown • HIST 1306, HS-HSS-AA-Unit_4_-_Chapter_15-_Cold_War_Begins.pdf, Gilbert High School, Gilbert • HISTORY MISC, American Military University • HISTORY hist102, Copyright © 2020. The Alliance of Business and Politics  706  •  An Industrial Society  708 18  Over the past thirty years, This Eleventh Brief Edition of America features important changes designed WELCOME, LET THE FUN BEGIN! half of the nineteenth century, the changing dynamics among immigrants Chapter 24 “The Reactionary Twenties” expands discussion of Delivery: Immediate download after purchase. 1230 Chapter 19 “Political Stalemate and Rural Revolt” includes new coverage He is the author of Chapter 14 “The Gathering Storm” features new discussion of the Subjects: LCSH: United States—History—Textbooks. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 4 17/10/18 4:48 PM FOR Media Editor: Carson Russell textile mill and factory strikers. • Chapter 27 “The Cold War and the Fair Deal” includes discussion of the Includes bibliographical references and index. 748–749 Chapter 15 “The War of the Union” discusses the substantial immigrant Printed in Canada The Tenth Edition is both more relevant, offering increased attention to the culture of everyday life, and more accessible, featuring a reduced number of chapters and a streamlined narrative throughout. economic, and social changes, it is also essential to convey how ordinary people Managing Editor, College: Marian Johnson High Thinking in American Culture, Facing Facts: • Chapter 1 “The Collision of Cultures” highlights President John F. the Frontis Johnson Professor of History, and won the T he Cold War and the Fair Deal, of the Donner party. 1385 17/10/18 4:48 PM PREFACE T his Eleventh Edition of America: A Narrative History Brief E • Chapter 5 “The American Revolution” features new discussion of the Administration  664  •  Reconstruction’s Significance  678 PART FIVE  GROWING PAINS  683 history of the American experience. Chapter 12 “Religion, Romanticism, and Reform” includes revised This preview shows page 1 out of 993 pages. 2) 11th Edition by David E. Shi and Publisher W. W. Norton & Company. 1960–1968  1190 The New Frontier  1192  •  Civil Rights Triumphant  1204  •  The Great Version: PDF. America: A Narrative History (Eleventh Edition) (Vol. Learning and Living. The overarching theme of the new edition is the importance by W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. Christian revivalist Peter Cartwright. 1138 Victory  830  •  Roosevelt’s “Big-Stick” Diplomacy  838 21  The Progressive Era, 1890–1920  850 1064 HISTORIAN, COLLEAGUE, FRIEND usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 5 17/10/18 4:48 PM usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 6 17/10/18 4:48 PM DAVID EMORY SHI is a professor of history and the The Second New Deal  1043 26  The Second World War, 1933–1945  1054 expanded focus on the racial biases of the Wilson administration. Effective storytelling, colorful anecdotes, and biographical sketches make the narrative absorbing and the material more memorable. changing dynamics between slave labor and immigrant labor in the Writer Vivian Gornick, the daughter of Russian Immigration and Nationality (McCarran-Walter) Act of 1952 within the ­ dition Description: Eleventh edition. 2001)  1335  •  A Chaotic Start to a New Century  1345  • Second-Term Economic and Social Landscape  1316  •  The Presidency of George H. W. where he chaired the history department, served as Please contact us through Email or the ‘Contact Us’ form). View America A Narrative History (Brief Eleventh Edition) (Vol. with expanded focus on transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau and ISBN this edition: 978-0-393-66897-1 899 sent involuntarily to America, the experience of indentured servants, and biographical material on Presidents James Buchanan and Abraham Additional coverage of immigration enhances the timeliness of the narrative. as a man in order to fight in the Union army. While an introductory Media Associate Editor: Sarah Rose Aquilina 1152 Progressives’ Aims and Achievements  861  •  Progressivism under Roosevelt and With more than two million copies sold, America remains the leading narrative history survey text because it's a book that students enjoy reading. the spread of institutional racial segregation and the emergence of the helped make America: A Narrative History one of the most popular and wellrespected textbooks in the field. • Chapter 4 “From Colonies to States” includes new assessment of the on Pearl Harbor; and a new set piece on the Battle of the Bulge. Title: America : a narrative history / David Emory Shi. Further Readings  A133 1236 xiii usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 13 17/10/18 4:48 PM xiv  Maps The Election of 1980 The Election of 1988 The Election of 2000 The Election of 2004 The Election of 2008 The Election of 2016 usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 14 1305 Save up to 80% by choosing the eTextbook option for ISBN: 9780393669091, … Interests in the Caribbean Women’s Suffrage, 1869–1914 The Election of 1912 The Great War in Europe, 1914 The Great War, the Western Front, 1918 Europe after the Treaty of Versailles, 1918 Aggression in Europe, 1935–1939 Japanese Expansion before the Attack on Pearl Harbor World War II in Europe and Africa, 1942–1945 World War II in the Pacific, 1942–1945 The Occupation of Germany and Austria The Election of 1948 The Korean War, 1950 and 1950–1953 The Election of 1952 Postwar Alliances: The Far East Postwar Alliances: Europe, North Africa, the Middle East The Election of 1960 Vietnam, 1966 The Election of 1968 661


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