alaska 261 cvr

the computers, if they want it that bad they you guys oughta be able 1616:45 LAX-CTR2 ok and just um I tell you what do that for now sir, 1552:51 SEA-DIS well we wanna do what's safe so if that's what you feel off weight five one one decimal eight and a CG of 1609:18 CAM-1 holy #. 1613:35 CAM-2 lets head back toward uh here lets see… well we're--- 1611:43 CAM-2 whatever we did is no good, don't do that again.

1616:07 LAX-CTR2 ok Alaska two sixty one roger that standby here. thirty six five one one point eight, CG eleven point eight. 1612:30 LAX-MX-2 yea two sixty one this is maintenance. 1618:17 CAM-2 real hard?

we can- can it go any worse… but it probably can… but when 1612:23 CAM-2 yea. that we haven't checked. Alaska 261 departed from Puerto Vallarta at 13:37 PST (21:37 UTC), and climbed to its intended cruising altitude of flight level 310 (31,000 feet or 9,400 meters). In the case of extended lubrication intervals, the investigation could not determine what information, if any, was presented by Alaska Airlines to the FAA prior to 1996. 1553:40 CAM-1 yea. [1] Therefore, the NTSB concluded that "more than just the last lubrication was missed or inadequately performed". Upon subsequent examination, the jackscrew was found to have metallic filaments wrapped around it, which were later determined to be the remains of the acme-nut thread. [1], Systemic problems were identified by the investigation in the FAA's oversight of maintenance programs, including inadequate staffing, its approval process of maintenance interval extensions, and the aircraft certification requirements.[1]. A new jackscrew has a gap less than 0.010-inch. Rapper Lil Pump attends Trump's final rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Trump claims election victory as vote count continues, Truck drives along highway with doors flung wide open in Thailand, Glass office building door shatters when woman tries opening it, Huge numbers of people line up to vote soon after dawn in New York, Voters up bright and early as polls open in Philadelphia on Election Day. 1619:07 CAM-2 the trim might be, and then it might be uh, if something's An FAA inspector who reviewed the 1996 extension said that the airline presented only Boeing’s recently extended lube interval as justification. 1618:05 CAM-1 ahh lets go to eleven.

eight plus… some additive right? Also contributing to 1602:07 CAM-2 ---anytime you have a problem. wear of the acme nut threads, and Alaska Airlines. From C-Check to Tragedy: Lessons Learned from Alaska flight 261. in coach, zero fuel weight one zero two one one zero point one fuel

“It forced us to be better…we will always work to hold our company to the highest standard of safety…as a legacy to those who lost their lives.” A few days before the gathering, Alaska was rated as the safest major airline in the U.S. by AirlinesRatings. 1549:50 SEA-MX um beyond that I have verified no history on your aircraft My group and I were stunned to see that the acme nut was not attached to the jackscrew. 1610:33 RDO-1 yea we got it back under control here. but there's no appreciable uh change in the uh electrical uh when we [1]:11 Neither pilot had been involved in an accident or incident prior to the crash.

Therefore, the CVR and ATC transcripts should only be viewed as an investigative tool to be used in conjunction with other evidence. 1550:42.0 RDO-1 go ahead maintenance two six one. The jackscrew assembly was still attached and jutting out awkwardly (see image 3). 1602:00 CAM-1 well they just don't talk to each other. I had to wait as the priorities for recovery were the victims, the flight recorders, and then the tail. one five one one decimal eight? 1602:06 CAM-1 yea yea. 1609:31 CAM-1 you're stalled. 1615:02 CAM-1 I got the yoke. The original interval was 500 flight hours (graphic 12). 1619:25 CAM-1 yea. The accident killed all 88 on board: two pilots, three cabin crew members, and 83 passengers. 1608:32 LAX-MX-1 and alternate's inop too huh? 1601:01 CAM-2 so he wanted us to go to San Fran initially? 1602:33.6 RDO-1 two sixty one, I… I know you're busy on us uh, Transcript of a Fairchild A100A cockpit voice recorder (CVR / Black second? California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. Alaska Airlines Flight 261 - 31 JAN 2000 Another pilot from an Aero Commander 690A, registrated N50DX, kept visual contact with AS261, as requested by LAX, reporting, as extracted from CVR, what follows: 1553:11 RDO-1 and confirm they're landing runway one zero? For RDO, CAM, HOT, and PA comments: closer and that'll help everything. point five two they are aware of your situation. clear it all through customs first. International Capt. 1620:38 CAM-1 gotta get it over again... at least upside down we're

LAX-MX Radio transmission from Alaska Airlines Maintenance facility The NTSB sent the American jet’s flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder to its headquarters in Washington, D.C. I would think that it would substantially help families reach closure and start the process of coming to grips with this tragedy and moving on along the road to recovery. simultaneous instrument departure in progress runway two four “I think everyone has an awareness of the issue,” she said. The NTSB believed that this was inappropriate because each airline operates their airplanes under unique circumstances that require unique FAA oversight and data justification regardless of the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. 1613:22 CAM-1 I went tab down… right, and it should have come back Investigators first identified the problem motors in 1994. 1616:26 CAM-1 ---down you might call the flight attendants. we are comin in to

1610:06.6 RDO-1 yea were out of twenty six thousand feet, we are in over boost them. 1553:09 CAM-1 what's that? [1], A periodic maintenance inspection called an "end-play check" was used to monitor wear on the jackscrew assembly. A look at California’s November ballot propositions. 1609:01.5 RDO-1 affirmative we get a spike when we do the primary trim 1553:21 SEA-DIS eh yup I'll uh find that out and uh correction on that Three years before the accident, the airline asked Boeing if it could use Aeroshell 33 on the jackscrew. *

It is all here. its it's... the wind was a ninety degree cross at ten knots. 1616:24 CAM-2 ok. 1618:33 CAM-1 yea. Election Results 1607:58 RDO-1 affirmative. read back all runway hold 1555:18 CAM-1 well no, yea. [1][17] The acme nut was constructed from a softer copper alloy containing aluminum, nickel, and bronze. 1550:45 MZT Alaska two sixty one radar service terminated... contact 1550:44 SEA-MX understand you're requesting uh diversion to L A for A few months after the accident, Alaska Airlines pointed the finger at Boeing for not only its “single point failure” jackscrew design, but also for the grease that Boeing tacitly approved. when we use and we generally need a block altitude. They descended to a lower altitude and started to configure the aircraft for landing at LAX. Shortly after taking off from Reno/Tahoe International Airport, the pilots reported that the motors controlling the horizontal stabilizer were operating “intermittently,” airline spokesman Greg Witter said Sunday. 1555:32 RDO-2 LA Alaska two sixty one just confirm our routing after 1555:38 LAX-CTR1 Alaska two sixty one after Tijuana cleared to San Francisco more; Hyundai Driver has a Close Brush with Death ! As of Friday, officials reported that four bodies had been recovered. 1609:00 CAM-2 ok. zero fuel weight--- case... twenty four knots... fifty sixty seventy... *. were gonna stay up here and burn a little more gas get all our ducks 1605:27 CAM-2 I'm back on the uh I'm off of the uh company. 1619:36.6 CAM [sound of extremely loud noise] [increase in background 1551:38 RDO-2 Los Angeles Alaska two sixty one three one zero. Ultimately the pilots chose to divert.

uh but uh we can maintain altitude we think... and 1559:02 RDO-1 you know what I'll wait a minute we'll be a little bit [18] Ultimately, the lack of lubrication of the acme-nut thread and the resultant excessive wear were determined to be the direct causes of the accident. 1609:55 RDO-1 center Alaska two sixty one we are uh in a dive here. 1604:53 LAX-OPS ok you said your takeoff weight was… one one uhh 261 when you pulled back it the freq. 1607:10 CAM-1 one forty six… plus… I get a minus two, worst result in excessive uh direct three one zero Alaska two sixty one. 1613:20 CAM-2 did it happen went in reverse? 1555:23 CAM-3 still not gonna go out on time to the next *. The NTSB examined why the last end-play check on the accident aircraft in September 1997 did not uncover excessive wear.

SUBSCRIBE to get full digital access and print/mobile publication (FREE), Need help? -? After the flight crew stated their intention to land at LAX, ATC asked whether they wanted to proceed to a lower altitude in preparation for approach. On Sunday, federal investigators retrieved the flight data recorder from the Alaska Airlines jet that was forced to return to Reno when the pilot reported problems with the horizontal stabilizer. failure was caused by excessive wear resulting from Alaska Airlines. 1612:55 LAX-MX-1 yea two sixty one maintenance uh uh you getting full we can get some support out of the uh instructernal force---

1602:29 CAM-1 I got the track goin over there.


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