agent kallus fanfiction
Status: Survivor of perch, Jedi Knight, rebel, piloting without a license, smuggler, treason against empire. It had both his parents last words on it. And yet her hand continued to tremble. I'm sure it will be of great use in my search for the rebels. He wanted to build on their nascent friendship from Bahryn. Kallus left his cabin. Meanwhile Kalulus and zeb are raising their hybrid 3 kits. Killed by lord Vader. Chiss with Sight were not supposed to feel fear. I'm sure it will be of great use in my search for the rebels. Carries two single bladed white lightsabers. A fic covering Zeb and Kallus's time on Yavin IV. Maketh looked up as saw Agent Kallus reflected in the mirror. While she was a cadet at an Imperial Academy at that. Kallus hated disorder and rebellious activity, and made it his life's work to ensure stability within the Empire. It had been years since he’d wanted to fuck anyone and bring emotions into it. Ezra shrieked until the switch was thrown and the current turned off. Jacen needs a caretaker. The reader, a Coruscant academy based imperial, encounters ISB agent Alexsandr Kallus upon his short visit back to his home world. Kanan is really settled into his post-war life with Hera and Jacen, and Hera has adjusted much more to Kanan being back with them all. Work Search: Your review has been posted. Mandalorians are a complicated people. These people were top priority on the wanted list not for being rebels but because of things that they had no control over. Zeb dragged a hand over his face and rolled onto his side, bringing his knees into his chest. Some hours spent listening to the other side's views and values shook mines, even though I always felt they were laying on stable grounds, as impenetrable as a fortress. And he’d just fantasized using the same affectionate words and phrases with ISB Agent Kallus. Ezra's birthday was empire day. Video attached to file in case of capture. He knew he was with the Chiss for a reason, but with every passing year in which he didn't hear anything about his former superior officer, he was more uncertain about his feelings. They sounded rather frustrated, which was understandable, considering that their dinner just got away and was sitting on the surface, unreachable. The progression Kallus takes from being Agent Kallus of the Empire, to Captain Kallus of the Rebel Alliance. He then commend the Ghost. How dose kanan's force ghost do forced to watch his family but never be apart of it or so he thinks. „What is happening with me? „I should have taken the rebels' offer…" I found myself hesitating. Maybe it’s a mistake (it most definitely is), but Zeb can’t resist what Kallus offers. Calling him Alexsandr didn’t change the fact he was an Imp, no matter how much he wanted it to. Agent Kallus stood in the doorway, ramrod and proper as always. In doing so, it felt like a betrayal of the worst kind. Currently primarily Luke Skywalker/Boba Fett ficlets, although Jango Fett & Obi-Wan Kenobi have popped up. Like they weren’t his own experiences. A day ago I was attending my duties, hunting rebels, dealing with deserters, so confident in my position. Particularly, when it comes down to feelings about the burly ranch-hand, Garazeb Orrelios. Those young ages were the times I decided to become a fighter for this cause, to bring security and pride to the citizens of the Empire. Hera's mother was killed by the empire as well. With the end of the war rapidly approaching, the Jedi find themselves facing threat after threat. Everything Kallus had just read and seen flashed through his head. The warning, incomplete as it was, was sent. It had been going on ever since I - we - got here, yet it didn't seem to have any intention of stopping anytime soon. A collection of mostly unconnected ficlets and vignettes encompassing all Star Wars eras that will be added to periodically. Even then most Jedi were fighting in battles. He had to at least try and fix this. Position of this disk goes to you until another inquisitor is assigned to hunt for the Jedi and Padawan.". A stormtrooper handed ISB Agent Kallus a holodisk.


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