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Thank you for inviting me to share with you on your happiest day!" They had a daughter, Joyce Cheng. 31 May - Singer Adam Cheng moved many recently when he apologised to his daughter for not being supportive enough with her showbiz career. Remember Joyce Cheng, the daughter of late iconic Hongkong comedienne Lydia Sum, who passed away from liver cancer in 2008, and actor Adam Cheng? Unless it’s fries. He also gets enough sleep every night which contributes to his good health. His secret is similar to another ageless septuagenarian, bridal designer Vera Wang. . The two are said to have danced suggestively together before she received a phone call and hurried off to Carnegie’s, a local bar and restaurant.There, she met up with a green-shirted male whom she greeted with kisses and hugs. He played the lead roles in TVB Wuxia drama series based on the works of Louis Cha and Gu Long such as The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber and Chor Lau Heung. Cheng continues to work in TV series with TVB in the present-day and is considered to be one of the veteran actors who has maintained his popularity. While she did inherit Lydia's wealth of HKD 60 million after the latter's passing back when she was 21, Joyce had to work hard on her own since it was stipulated that the money can only be used after she turns 35. “Just one spoonful is enough. 19-year-old Winnie posted photos of her partying and kissing 19 different men on her blog, one of which was taken in bikini. Back in 2007, the then-17-year-old Winnie was spotted voraciously kissing two different men after having her Christmas dinner with the family, angering her father who subsequently sent her to England to further her studies. The couple divorced eight months after their daughter’s birth. Adam has been in the entertainment industry for 50 years and he previously shared his secret to staying youthful. 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Lapse in police procedures in Parti Liyani case 'inexcusable': Shanmugam, Female Athletes Who Will Leave You Without Words, Democrats Retain Control Of The House Of Representatives. Can Johnny Depp Bounce Back From 'Modern-Day Scarlet Letter' of UK Court's 'Wife Beater' Ruling? . He shared that his good complexion is not gained by drinking from the fountain of youth but having a sip of red wine before going to bed every night. The singer then surprised Joyce to tears when he expressed how embarrassed he is for not helping her in her showbiz career. My 29+1, my wish is simple, I just want everyone in my life to be healthy and happy." In 1989, Adam married Taiwanese actress Koon Jing-wah and they have two daughters Winnie Cheng Wing-yan and Cecily Cheng Wing-hei. At her heaviest, Joyce, who was only a teenager then, tipped the scales at 106kg. After performing the song "Sai Bat Dai Tau" together, the father and daughter kissed each other on the cheek, with Joyce saying, "Congratulations of your half a century anniversary, daddy. By clicking Sign Up, I consent to Terms & Conditions, Winnie Cheng is known to have a habit of having a little too much fun, Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng’s daughter, Winnie Cheng, had a little too much fun on Boxing Day.The eldest daughter of Adam and Koon Jing-wah, Winnie has been known to have a wild child streak that is said to have worried her dad since her teenage days. In a previous interview, Joyce also revealed that there was a time when she only had HKD 26 in her account. Scrambled Egg Toast Stack ($6.50) from Tai Cheong Bakery's first overseas cafe in Holland V. 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(Photo Source:, From Cinema Online Exclusively for Yahoo Newsroom, Vincent Wong wants high ratings for "Legal Mavericks 2", Niki Chow elated to be reunited with Tavia Yeung, Every Senior In United States Urged To Wear This $49 SmartWatch, Police will not conduct autopsy on comedian Park Ji Sun: Seoul police, Sean Connery: James Bond screen legend's Hollywood career in pictures, How He Made $2.8M Trading Stocks Part-Time At Home, Parti Liyani case: Investigations into Karl Liew for lying under oath completed - Shanmugam. Then we love sharing. The photos of Adam at the airport was a surprise to netizens and they commented that he has barely aged in the past 20 years. . Boiling the red wine gets rid of the alcohol, so it is healthier on the heart and stomach,” he shares. Adam also thanked Joyce for cancelling all her other plans just to perform with him. Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng’s daughter, Winnie Cheng, had a little too much fun on Boxing Day. - Monday, January 19 Scandalous photos of Adam Cheng's daughter, Winnie Cheng, had been exposed by netizens. I am proud of you," he said. YouTube channels made money off of fake election results livestreams with thousands of viewers, Vision Loss Lawsuit Eligibility - Find Lawyer, 6 Easy 3-Ingredient Sweet Treats You Have To Try, Parti Liyani case: Shanmugam says to address 5 key issues in ‘major’ Ministerial Statement, Kendall Jenner Does the Big-Toe Sandal Trend in the Silkiest Mini Dress & Skims Face Mask, The messy, chaotic aftermath of Robinsons’ out-of-business sale (Photos), 2020 Election Results Map Who Won US State Trump Biden Analysis, Keanu Reeves and Girlfriend Alexandra Grant Enjoy Outdoor Stroll in Berlin, Fed Slashes Mortgage Rates to Drastic Lows, Parti Liyani case: No influence by Liew Mun Leong on police and AGC – Shanmugam. However, she stressed that she would always try to improve her life on her own rather than ask her father for help. Adam Cheng in the actor training class had a first love, the girl named Lu Huiru, two people have a daughter, named Zheng Anyi. Cheng On-yee is the oldest and she was from his first low-profile marriage that ended in divorce. -TNP HONG KONG actor-singer Adam Cheng has often been labelled by the media as a heartless man, the bad guy, the biased father. It’s  not up to you to feel nervous (for me) and there’s freedom of love.”. "For years since you joined showbiz, I never helped you with it. Is Cheng a biased father? As reported on Epoch Times, the singer recently held his concert, "Adam Cheng Half Century, Great Era" and invited his daughter Joyce Cheng to perform with him. Adam then turned to the audience and promoted Joyce's new movie. The success that you have today is through your own struggle. After the photos were exposed, Adam merely replied, "It's not a big deal to be in bikini." The actor-singer said that drinking cold water and smoking are not advisable. © Mediacorp | 8 Days.All rights reserved. Is a tie between Trump and Biden still possible? They eventually parted ways after exhausting their energies. The two are said to have been in their own world where they dropped their identification cards without knowing while they were having fun.


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