380 vs 22 vs 9mm

For her, being able to deliver all 13 rounds on target in a very short time frame (which she could do) was a significant advantage over delivering only a few 9mm rounds. Is the .380 half as good as the 9mm? I fed remaining 18 and they fed fine, but what if i hadn’t tried to load until SHTF? I carried a Beretta .32 Tomcat for years before switching to a S&W .380 Bodyguard w/ laser sight & sticky pocket holster. BUT, those who carry 45’s and put down the 380 simply don’t have the facts. One head wound and one under the arm bypassing body armor. I usually carry a Colt 1911 .45 on my hip. But it’s only better if you can hit with it. You definitely do not want to be shot by a .380. I replaced it with a Walther PK-380, which is hardly a mouse gun, since it is much larger and has less recoil. A man in drugs effect ?? The wound tract, however, is what I found interesting. The recoil wasn’t too much an issue from the used rattle-trap I was issued. etc.

In .380 the best bullets get VERY poor marks.

Very light recoil, accurate, good capacity, and it feeds hornady custom with boring monotony; that is why she prefers that as her ccw/bedside. I do use the extended magazine as I am big… 6’ 4”, 240 lbs with 37” arms. This is the perfect gun for me. Our highway patrol got the Browning 1922 and yes a lot of criminals were shot with that calibre and a lot of officers were saved using that calibre, our neighbouring State Police carried the Browning 1922 in 380 ACP at the time, the other neighbouring State Police had just changed over from the Webley & Scott Metro Police in .32ACP to Smith & Wesson Model 10 38 spl revolvers with 3″ barrels.

Yes, there is still a .380 vs 9mm debate and some reasons to still consider the smaller option to keep you covered. And it has a much more complete self-defense resume as compared to the .380. Hunting them with a modern center fire rifle on foot is mostly only a challenge if they calving or if you are hunting during the often brutal winters. My favourite handgun of all time to shoot, and SO comfortable and reliable. With the improved .380 Lehigh defense extreme penetrator and Precision One ammo the .380 does quite well. Nice to have that 1911 but mostly for my moral. It is a very light bullet of special frangible material with extreme high velocity. On the topic of recoil management, even .380 packages can pack a punch. Unless your in a gunfight with individual in dense thick clothing at 20 feet or more ill take the 380, with ball ammo.

Practice, practice, practice! After a gun fight there should only be one statement taken..YOURS ! If you would still like to submit the question please follow the instructions below: That’s a great question and we’d love to help! That little bit of hesitation to fully commit could very well get you killed or seriously wounded. I recently received my FOID card for Illinois and now I am ready to purchase a gun. There are thousands of documented cases of less than trained individuals who have, through the use of a handgun, warded of an attacker. The firearm dealer checks the background and provides proof of transfer of the gun but the information will not be saved so you cannot create a database of who has what guns in their homes. The body is an amazing thing. An added plus is with all the new 9mm bullets and powders you customize your loads to fit your purposes, Good information to pass on to my students.


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