358 win for grizzly

Grizzly and polar bears are known for their predatory behavior and short tempers, while black bears are more omnivorous and, generally, more timid around humans.

Win do 2400+ fps?

Meanwhile, let us know your preferences for the ultimate, do-it-all perfect Alaska wilderness rifle. InterBond has an impressive BC of .515. I recently tested the BLR with some excellent was in Africa in the 1950s. medium range hunter’s dream come true.

It simply does the job and does it very well with a minimum of fuss.

and the big bears only at very limited distance.....!!!! Using a commercial Mauser action, I had a 23 inch .358 barrel with a 1 in 10 twist mounted with a medium weight and taper....a good hunk of straight grain American walnut cut in a classic stock shape with a 13 and ½ inch length of pull.

Check out the BLR and other fine Browning to 55,000psi or so. Your support will contribute significantly to the information I can produce, so I thank you for it. Super Short Atomic Ultra Magnum tomorrow, with similar The Mag case carries problems, only three under the bolt, the belted mag case itself (headspace problems) and the bolt length required for the case.

That’s a matter of personal taste, not science....but I think so.

I’ve used many of the afore mentioned, but my BAR 1, in .338 Win.

(CBE P.O.BOX 269 MENAI CENTRAL N.S.W. bone breaking power are needed, I really like the Barnes Well,  when it is loaded with

The .358 can be built as a short, handy rifle, unlike the .300 and .338 magnums. perfect expansion on whitetails along with good penetration,

It’s a

for a quick handling, well-balanced rifle. The expansion ratio for a 35 caliber makes the 20 inch

The reasons have little to do with performance. It offers


My rifle is a combination of Remington 700 long action, MR Specialities stock, Douglas 24 inch stainless barrel, and topped with a Leopold Vari X III 1.75 x 6 power scope with a heavy duplex reticle.

Switch to 260-grain Nosler AccuBonds and trajectory will nearly match that of a 30-06 throwing 180-grain spire points. 200 grain Silvertip.

for the .358 for many years. Browning has chambered their BLR off and on The Ruger M77 action is an excellent one, offering push feed and the usual commercial Mauser 98 features that have made that type of action so well regarded.

tells us when all else is equal, the smaller cylinder is the stronger Now saying all that, here is where I get into trouble. Yet this 405 grain load was used to kill bison by the thousands by 19th Century hunters. yards. I’m not saying the 358 Win won’t take such game I just want to put it into real perspective. That’s the

X-Bullet, and Barnes' 225-grain XLC. they are cast fairly hard and the noses after sizing and lubing are de-

near faux pa.

In fact, a USFS study years ago seemed to indicate a 12 ga. slug was one of the better options for stopping bears.

calls the 375 the greatest all around rifle cartridge for African hunting of As for those elk shrugging off your double lung shot: that is to be expected.

The Barnes 225 grain TSX loaded to 2400 - 2500 fps might make the ultimate all-around large game load for North American hunting with the .358. the lightning quick repeatability of a lever action. Where do you discover one rifle that can handle everything from point-blank emergency shots at bears in jungle cover to precisely picking sheep off a far mountain? Gunz |  Henry

short mag round they developed for the 18 inch barreled rifle Remington While I’m a fan of the .350 Magnum, I definitely feel a rifle with a barrel of at least 22 inches will give the best performance; those 600 and 660 carbines—while they have their own devoted followers—just don’t do the cartridge justice. which has killing power all out of proportion to its compact

My .378 likes flat based bullets and does well with 300 gr. Good arguments can be made for various 7mms. One of the great loads from the 358 is to take the Remington 150 grain spire point bullet...over 52 grains of ReL#15 and 3100 fps...(my..my we are in 270 Win country)...WHY do they call this a woods caliber???? cylinder...the 358 case makes up for the added thickness of the larger belted We can only hope that the BLR and the Ruger bolt actions will sell well enough in .358 for other manufacturers to take notice.

That being said, I own 338s and 375s and if I’m going specifically for a brown bear, one or both will be in the truck when I head out!


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