338 federal review

In their new .338 Federal has offered hunters a nearly ideal cartridge to fill the perceived need for both a useful woods cartridge and a powerful yet controllable medium bore. It opens reliably against light resistance, creating a wide wound channel. My ears just don’t hear the difference. Bigger bores need longer barrels to allow slow-burning powders to keep the pressure on the bullet to achieve high(er) MV’s. It’s a big innarwebz out there. http://img.izismile.com/img/img9/20160422/640/funny_picdump_1196_640_29.jpg. Your money is much better spent on a $300 Leupold.) Yo, dawg. …however, larger caliber “AR10” pattern rifles don’t have the same parts interchangeability that standard AR15 rifles boast. in rifles of the same weight, so it is more shooter friendly than either of the two older .338 cartridges. Find the truth. Personally, I find this hard to believe. Has anyone tested out the .338 Federal in the Sako 85. 4. But, hey man, glass is subjective. I believe that such a factory load could be one of the keys to the long term success of the .338 Federal Cartridge. I don’t know. Lots of 18″ guns are clocking the full advertised velocity. But there is potential danger in that course. This seems like a range toy more than anything given the setup. The 7mm will retain more energy past 100 yards and shoot flatter, but the 30-06 will not. Surprisingly, it drops only 1.5 inches more than the big 338 Win. I’d be more inclined to drop that kind of $$$$ for that. June 12, 2015. The price to be paid for higher performance is, of course, increased recoil. Makes the same energy and ballistics. You can load it so you don’t have a fireball, it is awesome on hogs! What’s a 1911? I must have missed publications of the introduction of this new cartridge.
That being said, unless .338 Federal has gotten more popular recently, virtually all available bullets are tough and hard ones designed for Win Mag (And perhaps Lapua……….). From what I have found at Nosler’s, etc., .338F have no advantage at muzzle velocity at all. I see this as Federal's .338 deer load.

14.7 is very short, but at .338 bullet diameter, a .308 class cartridge doesn’t need that much barrel. In same-weight rifles of about 7 pounds, a 338 Win. (I have one. I have a .338 Federal with a 15″ Encore handgun. By David Maccar. The .338 Federal is a fantastic pig round. Recoil is the problem that has plagued medium bore rifles since the invention of smokeless powder. For ranges up to 300 yards, I think that lots of people would be better served with a premium mid-30 caliber bullet, with a mass over 200 grains, launched at 2400+ fps rather than these lightspeed magnums with low-mass bullets. While the .30-06 is closing in on classic .300 Win Mag power levels, it’s fair to say the .300 Win mag has improved as well. (I have one. Mag. While the .338 Federal generates less recoil than the magnum medium bore cartridges, it is still in excess of the theoretical 20 pound limit and very similar to the existing .338-06 A-Square in rifles of average weight. The .338 Federal is 9.2 inches low at 300 yards and 26.3 inches low at 400 when zeroed at the same distance with the same 200-grain bullet. Believe it or not, a 180-grain bullet from the smaller 338 Federal cartridge will drop a half-inch less than a 180-grain from the 30-06 at 400 yards. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. .338 federal is a cool round, certainly not in the magnum class, especially out of the short barrel. Like I said. gun reviews; guns 101; videos; email; facebook; contact us; rss; Skip to content. Mag. Your questions in the previous post seem to point to knowing very little or nothing at all about shooting, hunting, cartridge, or freedom of choice (which is just damned unAmerican). The Guns of James Bond: Roger Moore. Which is still kinda boss. Federal took their new .338 in a different direction than the .338x57 O'Connor, choosing to maximize performance rather than control recoil. Hunters who feel a need for a medium bore rifle cartridge will find that the .338 Federal kicks a little less than the .338-06 A-Square with the same weight bullet at the same velocity, because the .338 Federal burns less powder to achieve the same pressure. The reason I have any clue at all about this rather exotic caliber, is that I once, visiting Alaska, asked a local guide what he though about me getting a Kimber Montana chambered in .338 Federal, as I’m no fan of Win Mag recoil and blast. You’d could even just duct tape a scope on there. …and yes, I do hunt with a top tier .308 AR. Federal's 200-grain Trophy Bonded Tip ammo leaves the barrel at 2,930 fps, fully 300 fpsfaster than the same bullet from a .338 Federal. The small hollow point in the streamlined nose of the bullet initiates expansion, which is accomplished by folding back the nose of the bullet in four copper "petals." […] good. That said, the .338 Federal in a 24″ rifle is giving up very little vs. a .338 WM out of the same length barrel. Most .30-06 rifles, for example, shoot 180 grain bullets very well. Springfield Gets Into Hunting Bolt Guns with New Model 2020 Line. My .338 WM with a 24″ barrel is shoving a 210gr Nosler Partition downrange at about 2900 to 2950 fps. It was once boiled down into two categories (DPMS platform or Armalite platform) but that’s no longer so. Personally, I bought a Accupoints. The .308 met some opposition from the .30-06 crowd, but the .243 certainly earned a devout following, and the .358 Winchester—though now a rarity—was once a popular woods gun for larger game. Zero’ed 3 inches high at 100 yard puts you just 10 inches down at 300 yards while still generating roughly 1600 FPE at that distance. was necked down and up to become the 243 Win., 260 Rem., 7mm-08 Rem., and 358 Win. My Glock is perfect.
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