280 remington elk

I will admit that I have never been a huge fan of this cartridge. performance and marketing success by unleashing its 280 in 1957, but they screwed it up. Hope to have it up by this weekend. This was fixed many years ago. I love my .280 Rem. Here we go: Surprised? It has never had enough sales to support an extensive variety of factory loads, yet those who use it generally swear by it. You could even push a button on the small juke box at your cafe table and hear Elvis sing Jailhouse Rock. Or the 6.5 284 Norma. I recall reading Carmichael’s stories about his hunting exploits long before I had a 280. But such was not the case. But since Nosler offers a 270 150g with a BC of .591, wouldn’t it be safe to say it would have done better than the 280 in this comparison? was really made from the 30-03, which was the predecessor to the 30-06 three years before the military realized they didn’t need a 220-grain round nose bullet. Obviously I will look forward to your article on the 280 AI. Manufacturers have never settled on one rifling twist for the 280 Rem. I’m a confirmed 7×64 nut ;). My go to gun is a custom 280AI. Because 140- and 150-grain bullets are a common weight for deer hunting in a variety of calibers, that would seem a good size for comparison testing against a 270 Win. Prior to this I used the Nosler 160 Partition although a great bullet the tips tended to get deformed while riding in the saddlebags and scabbard of my saddle.

I’ve owned four that all shot really well. Not too hard, not too soft, not too fast, not too slow, but just right because it shoots mid-caliber .284-inch diameter bullets. Go get one! And I’d hunt those with the 280 Remington if it were legal and someone with a big bore were backing me up. However, it was introduced in a different time, when the ascendancy of the bolt action wasn’t as clear as it is today.

Small Game – The Accommodating Cottontail, Hold it. I own and shoot the 25-06, 270,30-06, 7mm-08, and the 280… I love them all and they all have great qualities but my go to rifle is the 280 and if I could only keep one rifle it would be the 280 as long as reloading components stay available. Feeds like a champ, plenty of velocity (who needs an AI) and as you mention, easy on the shoulder. I’ve been using Winchester 140 grain ballistic tips for many years with drop dead results. The resulting cartridge was based on the.30-06 case necked down to 7mm (.284”). In 1980 the designation went back to .280 Remington, and it keeps rolling along, never a superstar but always a solid performer.

The 280 Remington could be the Goldilocks of standard-length action hunting rounds. mag or .300 win mag… I think this is why the 7 rem and .300 win. I believe I had 59 or 60 grains of Alliant Reloader 22 pushing that Barnes 3,100 fps, give or take 50 fps.

Not a huge deal. Behind you is a line of four rifle bearers. You’re going to find a lot more ammo in a lot more flavors in a lot more places with the 30-06 and 270. Scratch that release. Winchester beat Remington to the punch and speed when it created its now famous 270 in 1925, but Remington beat Winchester to the belted magnum party with its 7mm Remington Magnum in 1962. Keep those computer keys a-rattlin. The RUMs uses a rim that fits a magnum bolt face and a large case body without the belt. Own 5 of them in Sako L61R actions with Krieger barrels. It has taken all North America game, most of my plains game in Africa and game in New Zealand.

As long as ammunition is available that rifle is staying in the stable. Does this make any sense? I have considered the 280 Rem but never actually committed to one. Go with the 6.5 prc, much better than creedmore. Or does the 270 lose too much speed since it’s more overbore than the 280? This project was cancelled at the last minute, but there are a handful of rifles out there with a 7mm-06 roll mark. Yes, I know, it sounds silly, but it happened. Speaking of handloading, if you do and hope to take advantage of the highest B.C. Wait just one doggone minute.

If measured, one would score 380; the other 375. and he traveled about 10 feet before falling over. I enjoyed the article. I must say that the more comparisons of calibers and rifles that I read, the more convinced I am that I was fortunate that my first center fire rifle was a Winchester Pre 64 Feather Weight in .308. Love your articles Ron. That’s an impressive B.C. Like Steve Hornady and Jim Carmichel, I’ve taken it sheep hunting, and it’s well-suited to that role as well. All competing claims of the superiority of the one cartridge over or under the 280 aside, I have seen no difference in the field. Push button automatic transmissions, automatic home temperature controls, push-button radio controls.

nady bullets have really performed well. The reverse is not true. Yes, you’re making sense, Dan. I loved mine so much I had the letters “AI” added to my Winchester M70 XTR synthetic Featherweight!! The unpopular 280 Remington (ever seen or shot one?)


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