10 scariest twilight zone episodes
This story involves a woman who is tormented by a recurring nightmare, of being invited to the morgue. REVELIST - What makes this episode so truly grim is how close we could get to a scenario much like this one. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. When it wasn't trying to scare us to death it also raised a closer look at humanity and themes of society that we all deal with. Please contact us at Rights@LittleThings.com. When three astronauts blast off into space, their ship disappears from radar for a moment. The stories often had an overreaching moral that really made you consider how you personally relate to the truly terrifying stories. He’s driven to desperate circumstances, and while he’s being dragged away to an asylum, you see that he could have been right the entire time. Because he’s infertile, the stepfather resents his stepdaughter. A woman waiting for a bus believes her double is suddenly seeking to replace her, in order to survive. This was a time wrought with very real fears, such as the Cold War, for viewers to latch onto. Please SHARE with family and friends on Facebook to see which was their favorite! More so than a religious tale, it is a compelling horror story, with convincing actors and exotic set design. This is one of those episodes that’s scary because it makes you evaluate your own way of living life. A few brave astronauts crash land on what they assume is an asteroid far from where they intended. Also, the fact that our protagonist has a heart condition when he’s wide awake makes a suspenseful ticking clock. The acting and writing are nothing short of brilliant. Simply trying to buy a gift for her mother, a woman is taken to a strange ninth floor in a bustling department store by an all too helpful elevator operator. The idea of living window dummies has been used a lot in horror and sci-fi but this episode turns it on its head in a wild twist you won't see coming a mile away, making this a creepy and satisfying watch. BABY NAME WIZARD. This one may be a hard watch for many but its impact is clearly there and remains a haunting look at a dark part of history. She finds it empty save for one clerk who has exactly what she needs, a golden thimble. This episode has very distinct influences on the Final Destination franchise, particularly that first entry. Talky Tina’s terrifying disapproval of the man’s unprovoked hostility only exacerbates it. I am an author, screenwriter, gamer, and certified CAD Technician residing in Southern California. RELATED: Top 10 Twilight Zone Episodes You Might Not Remember. CAFEMOM - We are led to believe this is due to some mutation or scar, and the doctors are simply trying to help her. This is yet another episode that perfectly sums up fears that all of us have had, especially in the years after the Second World War. Transported ahead in time to the 1960's he is immediately in shock over trucks, power lines, and paved roads. Coincidentally, the girl who befriends Talky Tina has a mother named Annabelle. Reading books for pleasure is a pastime that has seen a significant decrease in the last few decades and this exact activity is what Henry Bemis longs to do. A one-stop shop for all things video games. It violates the notion that we are all unique. Black and white TV has never been more terrifying. 13 Scariest Twilight Zone Episodes, Ranked. Let us know if we missed your favorite in the comments, and please SHARE with your family and friends on Facebook to see if they remember these episodes! They have no idea where they are, and when they try to find help in the town, they’re confronted by things like mannequins sitting in the driver’s seat of stationary cars. Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh. This is a must-watch for any fan of "fish out of water" stories and illustrates how terrifying that can be. This episode boasts superb performances, intriguingly sensitive themes, and plenty of supernatural thrills. The protagonist is completely on her own after a car accident, adding vulnerability and sympathy. This played on a very, very real fear of the time. Surprisingly enough, this is a story about the Devil. He often combined themes from psychological thrillers with those from the sci-fi genre, with hints of fantasy sprinkled through as well. A one-stop shop for all things video games. There’s no mystery about this episode; Talky Tina, perhaps the most iconic Twilight Zone threat, is unquestionably sentient. The dummy never takes control or appears sentient at any other time than when he is alone. By Meg Downey on April 1, 2019 at 10:53AM PDT. However, there’s no question the ending is top-notch horror. Given the effort of many episodes to pursue startling realism, this focus on the surreal is both refreshing and nifty. 10 Nick of Time One of the many amazing Twilight Zone episodes written by Richard Matheson, “Nick of Time” finds a married couple stuck in a small town in Ohio while their car gets fixed. But the true focus is the family drama, involving the particularly coarse stepfather who gets his comeuppance. A man named Adam Grant is sentenced to death by electric chair after being convicted of murder. 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If you like to scare yourself with spooky stories and horror movies, chances are you’re a bit of a Twilight Zone buff. Further, there have been many grounded episodes with a particular aim to terrify. Movies. Well, the source of horror is right there in the title. The slow burn is utilized perfectly here, as he slowly becomes harder to talk down and be rationalized with. That is until she begins to see a hitch-hiker every hundred miles or so, he's always there no matter how far she drives. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Horror thrives when you’re invested, and The Twilight Zone already featured strong performances, realism, and bold creativity. It reappears and crash-lands in the desert. Horror thrives when you’re invested, and The Twilight Zone already featured strong performances, realism, and bold creativity. It’s inspired by a ghost story, which fuels the atmosphere of the episode. Or at least, calls direct attention to it. 45. Given how many countless stories there are of him, this should have suppressed originality. In this memorable episode, Serling explores this dichotomy by first establishing a lighthearted birthday party. Not only is this one of the most famous episodes of the show but it also features William Shatner as a man who believes the airplane he is on is being sabotaged by a creature. Which episode sticks out in your mind as the absolute scariest? A father hears the screams of his daughter, so he goes to her room to check on her. 1 year ago. This was also a very interesting time for ideas about the supernatural, as space travel was right around the corner. In the usual way of The Twilight Zone however, nothing goes as planned. His gradual approach feels totally oppressive and certainly supernatural. Which episode scared you the most? 40 Very Best Twilight Zone Episodes. Paranoia is at the forefront here and the late Inger Stevens plays this role perfectly. Close. The fight for that space provokes everything from racism to a ferocious mob. A man is taken back to his childhood home by the devil, so he can make his life even better with his current knowledge. The catch is that he claims the whole situation is just a recurring nightmare he has, and if they kill him, the entire universe will cease to exist. The Twilight Zone is a cult classic known for its spine-chilling stories, but these ten episodes take the cake on being the scariest. But the nightmares themselves are truly disturbing, and the carnival setting offers a cruelly playful sense of malice. There are few things more frightening than a desperate mob. It forces them to confront their actions, their deepest flaws revealed. Red herrings regarding the staff fuel the bizarre mystery of this vast setting, as a woman seeks a gold thimble.


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