01e sequential gearbox

Sophisticated control unit that uses closed-loop sensors to control any paddle shifting system. System will just receive the shift command and perform the shifting sequence. The Audi S1 Sequential gearbox is the product that Audi quattro drivers have been waiting for all these years! Possible also use with dog box ! We will do anything in our power to help for the project to be successful. 1.5m wiring available at extra 100 EUR + VAT. 752 01 Kojetín Prosečská 130 Specialist drop gears are also suppled with a new ratio. CZECH REPUBLIC.

+420 776 033 543. DIČ: Supplied with Subaru R4 sequential gearbox kit. 2nd generation of SEQSHIFT for 2bowden operated gearboxes is produced in 2 versions: SQS - strictly mechanical version - intended only for dog boxes. You can convert your 01E H gearbox to paddle shifting which was previously only available to (expensive) sequential gearboxes; No chassis modification needed.

Sequential only paddle shifters are history! Sequential Gearbox - world-leading sequential dogbox transmissions for road racing, drifting, time attack, hillclimb, rally, drag racing, circuit racing in motorsport and high-performance vehicles. Bolts on directly to the original gearbox. Windows PC Software & Powerful datalogging included. tel: sqs@sqsracing.com

It’s just faster. Quaife is reactive to external requirements and is constantly evolving its gearbox range to suit market demands. Dobračevska 554226 ŽiriSloveniaVAT NO: SI11959797Phone: +386 41 979-000. At least one time faster than any shifting with hand, You can safely shift in fast long corners (with both hands on the steering wheel), We protect your engine by not allowing the driver to over-rev the engine with incorrect downshift, We reduce gear wear by performing clean, fast & reliable shifts, You can up-shift with full throttle without the clutch, You can pre-select any gear at full throttle on a straight line (say in 6th gear) and when you start to brake, gearbox will automatically down-shift down to your pre-selected gear at perfect engine rpm. Now available as a bolt-on kit. IČ: Sequential gearboxes should not be confused with DSG style gearboxes that are fitted to many new road cars. Přerovská 561 A DSG is still a manual, synchromesh gearbox, or technically two manual gearboxes in one, and uses two clutches to achieve much faster shift times by pre-selecting the next gear. Lukasz Granat and the e-mail is lg.gando@op.pl The price is very attractive.

If you already have engine control unit capable of shifting sequential gearboxes you can let your ECU do the shifting. Kotouc Gearboxes has also produced a holder for the Tilton hydraulic clutch release bearing which is quite a common upgrade amongst the Audi community. Installed into the STI casing is the Kotouc Gearboxes R4 sequential gearbox kit, and additionally supplied is the engine flange, axle CV joints as well as the rear output flange so that the original components can assemble. The kit is 6 gear gearkit that has to be putted inside the original gearbox case. The original Audi 01E gearbox is replaced with the beefed up Subaru STI 6 speed gearbox. To suit the Audi clutch, supplied is an uprated input shaft that is produced in 2 pieces which aids installation. e-mail: tel:

... Audi 01E Paddle Shift Conversion. You have to talk to their distributor who has an exclusive deal with PAR for Audi 01E gearbox. With a torque rating over 1000NM, there is no product close to matching the craftsmanship that Kotouc Gearboxes can deliver.

01E. 2nd generation of SEQSHIFT for 2bowden operated gearboxes is produced in 2 versions: SQS - strictly mechanical version - intended only for dog boxes. The most cost-effective solution to convert any sequential gearbox to steering wheel paddle shifting. SQS-G unit for Porsche 996-997, mounted directly on gearbox, operated by 1 bowden, SQS Racing s.r.o.

With a torque rating over 1000NM, there is no product close to matching the craftsmanship that Kotouc Gearboxes can deliver. Česká Republika. Two high-speed actuators with integrated valves that can shift any cable driven gearbox, One universal actuator and valve for throttle blip, Optional clutch actuator assembly (+1040 EUR + VAT), Direct gearbox mount available (no cables), Single push style (for left and right side) or WRC style (push/pull), Can be mounted on flat or non-flat steering wheel (with different plates), Optional spiral cord 1 m (extra 50 EUR + VAT).

Having pioneered the sequential gearshift in the late 1980’s, Quaife has proactively continued to develop and refine its sequential gearbox technology to improve reliability and to adopt integrated electronic paddleshift systems. Paddle Shift for Sequential Gearbox.

The harder you brake, the faster it will down-shift, Because you don't need the clutch, you can easily use left foot for braking to stabilize the car and gain speed over the corners, You can use launch mode and as long as you're at full throttle, the gearbox will shift automatically at perfect rpm so you get perfect starts every time. SQS-E version with electromagnetic assistent is developed for synchro boxes, require lower operating forces and guarant exact engaging of gear. 468 04, Jablonec nad Nisou IT IS HERE! Check out our, More details about the universal steering wheel paddles, paddle shifting kit for sequential gearboxes, It’s just faster. Built for performance! We offer full support over the email & phone, even on-site support if needed. Looking for sequential paddle shifting kit? The original Audi 01E gearbox … No modification to the chassis needed. Please note: Any component can be purchased separately and you can build this system yourself.
The Audi S1 Sequential gearbox is the product that Audi quattro drivers have been waiting for all these years! Built for you!!

* We offer optional clutch kit which means our system will also automatically press & release clutch when down and/or up shift (even on synchronized gearboxes). See kit content. SEQSHIFT. At least one time faster than any shifting with hand; You can concentrate purely on the road Powerful constant pressurized air solution: We take every project very seriously. WRC Style Steering Wheel Paddle. +420 775 033 543


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